Wool coat

Yohji Yamamoto wool coat The one item from my recent TRR  shopping I kept is this coat. I'd gotten rid of my old black wool coat several years ago. It wasn't until last year that I really missed having a heavy-but-not-snow-storm-worthy wool coat. The tailoring of this coat once again reminded me of why Yohji-sama... Continue Reading →

Short Week

Christophe Sauvat sweater - Y's pant - Frye Carly shoes Monday - or in the case of last week - Fake Wednesday. In any case, it's nice to have a short week. I don't really remember much from that Monday. I know I was comfortable in this outfit and I've worn it before. I think... Continue Reading →


Knock Knock linen top - Y's pant - Frye Carly Chukkas This shirt is very wrinkled. Granted, it's a linen shirt so keeping it crisp after ironing is nigh impossible. I've even worn it several times and put it right back on the hanger in my closet, so it has several office day's worth of... Continue Reading →


Christophe Sauvat sweater - Y's pant - Jil Sander shoes I have a feeling I've already started a rotating sweater routine for this winter and winter hasn't even started yet.  

The great flood

Helmut Lang silk shirt - Y's pant - Jil Sander shoes Of course the one day I should wear a sweater I wear a silk shirt and freeze instead. I got to the office and went to put my lunch in the fridge back in the kitchen and nearly stepped in an inch of water.... Continue Reading →

Black and blue again

Everlane sweater - Y's pant - Jil Sander shoes The weather is starting to turn - or so I thought. I was actually a bit warm in this. Just when I think the weather will be cool enough to bring out my sweaters it turns ridiculously humid. The temperature itself calls for a jacket or... Continue Reading →

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