The right green


Acne Studios sweater – Yohji Yamamoto skirt/pant – Frye Carly Chukkas

This is not a great photo for showing off this sweater, which irks me a bit because I LOVE THIS SWEATER. I got home late and had to up the brightness for taking this photo, which makes the colors look all weird. Ugh, soon daylight savings starts and I’ll be back to taking photos with shit for lighting.

Anyway – this sweater was expensive and an impulse purchase and worth every penny. I gave in to my need for emotional instant gratification, damned be the cost (it’s up there – with the PdC linen pants I’d bought over the summer), but I know I will be wearing it to death.

I’d been looking at sweaters because most of mine are lightweight cotton ones and I wanted something with some oomph to it in the warmth department. Also, I wanted a green sweater, but not just any green sweater – I wanted MY green sweater. Most green clothing items are olive, which is nice, but I’m fucking sick of it. Olive is not GREEN. Olive is olive and muted and a combination of green and grey and it’s NOT GREEN. 90% of fashion clothes that come out in “green” are really olive. That’s not a statistic, it’s just me exerting my completely non-expert and completely devoid of any substantial facts opinion. The other side of the green fashion spectrum is Evergreen, which while it does look more green – it’s still just dark teal in disguise. Then you have Forest Green, which tends to be so dark that most people just assume it’s black. This is an actual Green sweater, but the lighting doesn’t do it justice. It’s called Pine Green and I like it.

And to bitch more about how bad the lighting is, the skirt/pant item, which totally falls into yesterday’s fashion category of me wearing weird things, looks horrible in this photo. That white bit? It’s the sheen of the velvet from the window light.