While I was stuck at home during the massive snow storm yesterday, I thought to myself: this would be a good day to buy those pants I want from PdC. I'm still nervous about buying something so expensive, but at the same time I know I can afford it and I do want them (along... Continue Reading →

I hate wait

Today was another mild day weather-wise. I ran errands after work so I came home to darkness, hence the bad lighting in today's OOTD photo. Now starts the waiting game with tomorrow's weather. We're expected to get anywhere from 3-12 inches, depending on the weather source. The amounts have fluctuated all day and I'm sick... Continue Reading →

Winter is still hating on us

Friday's forecast: Lots of rain with some spitting chances of snow for maybe an hour, but the temps were supposed to go back and up and everything stay just rain with howling wind gusts up to 40-60 mph. What the shit just happened? We ended up with almost 4 inches of snow inside of 3... Continue Reading →

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