Wool coat

Yohji Yamamoto wool coat The one item from my recent TRR  shopping I kept is this coat. I'd gotten rid of my old black wool coat several years ago. It wasn't until last year that I really missed having a heavy-but-not-snow-storm-worthy wool coat. The tailoring of this coat once again reminded me of why Yohji-sama... Continue Reading →

Warm spell

Vince linen top - Won Hundred pant - Jil Sander shoes We've had a warm spell over the past few days, which I've appreciated quite a bit. I'm still not ready to wear wool socks again for 4 months. The trees look amazing right now and it's very odd that most of them still have... Continue Reading →

Mail day

Vince top - Y's pant - Jil Sander shoes I got two new-to-me Yohji Yamamoto items in the mail. One being a sweater that was much different than I thought and the other an oversized long sleeve. The long sleeve I'd had on my wishlist for ages and I'm glad I got it. I just... Continue Reading →

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