Monday: old black top, YY suit pants, Eileen Fisher mules. Tuesday: YY top and pants, Lems shoes. Instead of talking about how my brain is officially mush right now due to all the work I have to do (and it's only Tuesday!) and what's been dumped on me (the largest client account!), I picked out... Continue Reading →

Picture day

Current conditions: snowy. There's around 4 inches on the ground already and we are expected to get another 8 throughout the day/night. Roads are... passable, but barely and won't be for much longer when the brunt of the storm hits. This is what I'm wearing right now and what I usually look like on the... Continue Reading →

What day is it?

Banana Republic sweater, Sacai Luck pants. I'm exhausted and slightly confused today. I hardly got any sleep because the Eagles won the Super Bowl (not that I give two fucks about it) and the fucking neighbors kept me up half the night setting off fireworks. I get it, they won. Big fucking deal now can... Continue Reading →

High Rocks

Sunday I went hiking with friends. There are several good state parks close to where we live. This one, High Rocks, is famous for lots of cliff faces people climb. When we arrived, two other guys with lots of climbing gear were getting ready in the parking lot. Some of the rocks also have climbers... Continue Reading →

Rolling up the jeans and half tucking in the shirt made me feel a little more put together even though I felt craptastic today. I was perfectly comfortable and thought I looked a little better. Shirt: Banana Republic - old. Jeans: Grana - no longer available. Shoes: MaddenGirl from DSW. Necklace: Swarovski -gift. Cardigan: Banana... Continue Reading →

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