Storms… and more storms

Z took both of these photos for me. He took 7 shots waiting for Yuki to get into frame with me for Monday's outfit. For today, I wore my Everlane men's Japanese oxford shirt. I don't think they have them anymore on the site (unless you just buy the men's one, which is still there... Continue Reading →


While I was stuck at home during the massive snow storm yesterday, I thought to myself: this would be a good day to buy those pants I want from PdC. I'm still nervous about buying something so expensive, but at the same time I know I can afford it and I do want them (along... Continue Reading →

Picture day

Current conditions: snowy. There's around 4 inches on the ground already and we are expected to get another 8 throughout the day/night. Roads are... passable, but barely and won't be for much longer when the brunt of the storm hits. This is what I'm wearing right now and what I usually look like on the... Continue Reading →

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