Old self

Uniqlo flannel top - Grana jeans - Coach boots For some reason I've been feeling very raw over the past 48 hours and so bear with this post full of navel gazing and pondering. This is an "old me" outfit. It's probably one I'd wear in some variation every day, seven days a week several... Continue Reading →


Yesterday we cleaned the house and put away most of the holiday decorations. I normally keep the tree up well past New Year's but for some reason I wanted to have it all cleaned up early. This holiday season has been exhausting for me so I guess I'm ready to see it all end and... Continue Reading →

This is the only handbag I use - a boho style from Coach. I do technically have another bag, but it's more like a bag you use when going to the beach. It's small and cotton with light colors. Considering I rarely go to the beach I don't use it at all. The wallet inside... Continue Reading →

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