Saturday I went to work and checked on a couple guys who were working on prototypes for me over the weekend. I figured that if the parts are going to be late, then I'd rather know what's going on with them than be surprised Monday morning. By Monday only one part was done, so we... Continue Reading →

A little run

I honestly did mean to post this week, but work has been all manner of WTF lately. One would think it would have been a great week because it was short due to the holiday, but in manufacturing it turns into, "HOLY SHIT WE ONLY HAVE FOUR DAYS TO GET X AMOUNT OF PRODUCT OUT!"... Continue Reading →


Today during lunch I sat outside with coworkers at the picnic table on the front lawn. I was sitting in the sun and moved to be in the shade after I ate. I could feel the back of my neck burning and my shoulders were starting to turn red. A coworker said that's what I... Continue Reading →

Quiet time

This was Friday's lackluster outfit. I was comfortable, but very slouchy. Things aren't going as well with my ankle as I'd like. I'm getting too anxious to do too much too fast and need to slow it down a bit. This is extremely depressing for me. Also, work is really stressful lately. I know it'll... Continue Reading →

This week flew by incredibly fast. Tuesday: Sweater - Halu Maybe from Yesstyle; pants - Uniqlo; shoes - Lems.  This sweater is the best winter sweater I own. I love it. When I spread out my arms I look like a giant bat. The hubs calls this my flying squirrel sweater. The turtleneck on it... Continue Reading →

Shirt: Everlane. Pants: Brass Clothing. Shoes: Allbirds. "Your outfit looks really good today." An intern said this to me while getting coffee in the kitchen. At first, my inner snark wanted to reply, just today? but I decided to shrug it off and said, "I just threw it on this morning."  She said whenever she... Continue Reading →

Weights and tears

When I started this blog, I was wearing a boot on my left foot for Achilles Tendinitis. It was the second time this year I'd worn the boot. Last summer I was running a lot and then noticed - I don't remember exactly when - a pain in my ankle. Like all stubborn runners I... Continue Reading →

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