45rpm wool jacket - Helmut Lang silk shirt - Uniqlo pant - Jil Sander shoes I almost went with my navy Jil Sander leather sneakers, but remembered those were a bit more on the purple-ish side so I went with black shoes. I think I could easily become one of those people who wears monochrome... Continue Reading →

Jeans annoy me.

Wednesday: 45 rpm top, Won Hundred pants, Jil Sander shoes. Bento came running and flopped in the sun spot while I was setting up for this photo. He was afraid I'd close the curtains and block out his sun spot. The blue in the shoes (warm toned, kinda purple-ish) clashed with the blue in my... Continue Reading →

All the same

Tuesday: Yohji Yamamoto top, Won Hundred pants, Eileen Fisher mules. This is the last of the new-to-me three YY items I've bought recently. Nothing overly ground breaking. A simple cotton short sleeve mock neck top. Not only am I starting to embrace more white in my wardrobe (at least for summer anyway...), I'm really enjoying... Continue Reading →

All done with the nothing

Tonight's drink: Filibuster - rye whisky, lemon juice, maple syrup, egg white, black walnut bitters. It's basically a whisky sour but with maple syrup instead of simple syrup. I subbed black walnut bitters for Angostura because I wanted something a bit drier.     Wednesday: 45rpm shirt, Yohji pants. Thursday: Everlane sweater (over Everlane long... Continue Reading →

Eat the stuff

It's incredibly nice outside today - 56F - so of course Z and I had to take out the Mustang. We drove to a little tourist trap of a town about 30 minutes away from our house. It's a very cute little town, but parking is nigh impossible to find after a certain time (there... Continue Reading →

Sweater secret

This is my Limi Feu sweater and it has a secret. When I got it, there was a hole in it. The hole is on the back of the sweater and it was small. It wasn't in the listing when the seller posted it (it's from a discounter site in Japan), but when I got... Continue Reading →

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

So I didn't mean to go silent for two weeks, but I ended up being insanely busy. And when I wasn't busy I was relishing in the few moments I had to do nothing. I did take outfit photos and looking at two weeks worth of them was really eye opening. I wear the same... Continue Reading →

My new job will be quite taxing and busy, but I'm ok with that. The company culture is friendly, but strained because there are many departments that don't talk to each other all that well. However, this is par for the course with a larger company. In general, I do like the people I work... Continue Reading →

Getting ready

Tomorrow I start my new job. I'm already wishing I had more time unemployed. I am happy to be doing something different and interested in what the work entails, but at the same time... it's work. *sigh* Having bigger paychecks will be nice. Speaking of... the husband just got a new job as well and... Continue Reading →

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