45rpm wool jacket – Helmut Lang silk shirt – Uniqlo pant – Jil Sander shoes

I almost went with my navy Jil Sander leather sneakers, but remembered those were a bit more on the purple-ish side so I went with black shoes. I think I could easily become one of those people who wears monochrome outfits.

The office was so chilly today I had to wear my wool coat because I didn’t have a layer to wear over my silk shirt. The silk is thick and of good quality, but let’s face it – no silk can withstand cold temperatures alone.

I had a little break down again today emotionally. I barely kept it together during work and then cried when I got home and needed lots of snuggling with Z. I know I’m depressed, which is a given, but I think the anxiety of not knowing what’s going to happen is ten times worse and I felt my chest tighten a lot throughout the day. I’ve also been getting lots of emails regarding my dad’s estate, which I am solely in charge of taking care of now. There is so much fucking shit to do when someone dies! It’s fucking insane and makes me want to get rid of my credit cards and bank cards even liquidate my IRA and only deal with cash for everything. I never want to put anyone through this shit when I die. Holy fuck what has happened to us that we have to have ten fucking billion layers for every tiny little thing we do even after death!