Crazy plant lady

I have become that person with all the trendy house plants. Guilty as charged. I repotted the creeping vine from the wee fox planter because it was growing like crazy and I was afraid it would be root bound. These two new leaves have grown on my ficus since I bought it. This makes me... Continue Reading →

Breaking constraints

I've been wearing a lot of lighter colors lately. I also decided to quit the shopping ban. I don't necessarily feel like a "failure" per se, but there is some disappointment. Many years ago (near ten now yikes), when I literally didn't shop for clothing at all for 5  years straight I was in a... Continue Reading →

All the neutrals

I wore my linen pants two days in a row. Not that it's anything revolutionary. I used to wear the same pair of jeans all week long. I pulled the cotton/linen kimono-cardigan-robe-thingie out of the guest room closet and finally decided to wear it. I don't think I've worn it in over a year and... Continue Reading →

Excuse the crazy moment

I had a strange moment of insanity today while driving home from work. What if I sold all of the designer clothes I've not really been wearing and only bought a few more pairs of these Uniqlo pants in different colors and some basic button downs and never bought anything again? I'm not entirely certain... Continue Reading →

Ban fail and cat pee

This is a post-work casual look. I've been lazy about exercising due to constant back issues. I'm working on improving my posture when I'm sitting and using my standing desk station more at work as well as taking more frequent walk breaks. I've got another new rug for the study, as you can see. Our... Continue Reading →

Curating or cutting down

Super casual for work, but it's not as if it's out of place at all. In fact, I'm wondering to some degree why I dressed up so much before. It's not that I didn't like to, but this shopping ban has very much driven the point across that I was trying a little too hard.... Continue Reading →

More plants and quiet moments

I've replaced buying clothes with buying plants. Luckily, I can buy a lot more plants for cheaper prices than I can the clothes I want. I still haven't bought any clothes, but I have a list. It's very small, but I feel like the fact that these very specific items keep popping into my head... Continue Reading →

Practical vs aesthetics

I've been reading a lot of good articles and many I meant to post here. So sorry if you've already seen them: The High Cost of Ethical Fashion is a Barrier to Entry - by Leah Wise -She said outright what I've always thought. The Hidden Air Pollution in Our Homes - found via Reading... Continue Reading →


Lots of "new" things have been happening. New higher management at work with new ideas and ideals for the company is causing havoc. Almost every department is getting revamped - so to speak - and lots of employees are being shuffled around and given new titles. A coworker said he felt like the company turned... Continue Reading →

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