Full skirt


Shirt: Everlane. Skirt: Fabric Sense on Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS. Necklace: Swarovski. Cat: Bento.

I really like this skirt. It’s very soft and fluffy. The fabric is rather thick and I had to lift it up when going up and down stairs due to it being so long. I even rolled the elastic waistband once to shorten it a little. It would be absolutely perfect if it had pockets.


Good mail day


Shirt: Uniqlo. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Lems. Not shown: teal cardigan from Banana Republic I wore in the morning hours at work.

Today I made a little more effort although I was completely exhausted. I even had two cups of coffee.

I was happy to see two packages waiting for me when I got home. My Decim order arrived with face care items from The Ordinary. I have the retinol 2% and liked that so I ordered the new Vit C in silicone suspension and caffeine solutions to try those out. I’m not sure if I want to get another order of the 2% retinol or try out the 1%, which is more potent.

Also, another order of soft linen and cotton clothes arrived. These items are from sellers on Yesstyle. Most of what is available on Yesstyle isn’t all that nice and usually for teeny tiny asian women who make me look like a giant in comparison. Also, the majority of the sellers there cater to the younger crowd. However, there are a few gems on the site and I only order from them. It does take a while to get the clothes since most of them come from China or South Korea. This time, I got a linen/cotton blend textured shirt and duster and a cotton skirt.

This shirt is incredibly comfortable and has a nice heft to it due to the thick fabric.
paper tag
Sometimes I really wish I could read Asian languages.
frog tie
The traditional Chinese button clasp on the duster is cute.
Simple Chinese tag.
fabric tag
I like the basic tags on these clothes.

The skirt is very full and lightweight. It comes down to my feet. I also just realized this is the only skirt I own! I have been eyeing up another one that’s much more fancy than this one and I might splurge on it because I could wear it to some upcoming weddings I have to attend.

Not quite reality


Shirt: J. Crew. Pants: Fantasy Linen. Shoes: Lems. Hoodie: Target.

I think these photos may be another case of looks-worse-than-it-actually-is outfit because based on the photos – this looks terrible. However, I was extremely comfortable and feel like the lighting or something isn’t doing the pants justice. Or maybe I really need to work on pairing these pants with a top that makes them look a little better. I know the shoes totally throw this off, but I already decided I would wear them today because of the lump I had on my ankle – even while wearing the Allbirds yesterday. I knew these Lems wouldn’t agitate the bump at all so they were going to be part of whatever outfit I threw on this morning. I will admit that I was in a terrible mood yesterday due to how much the Nisolo shoes bothered my ankle on Monday. It’s ridiculously frustrating when I spent so much time being incredibly careful with my ankle just to have all the healing basically destroyed again.


Inspirational eye candy

I love going to a site that turns into a rabbit hole where I find more and more inspiring things within it the more I look.

Rachel Comey black welcome dress
Rachel Comey black welcome dress
Rick Owens black guimard jacket
IM pleats stole shirt
ISSEY MIYAKE black pleats stole shirt
Ellery lace up rail road blouse
ELLERY black lace up rail road blouse
IM fluffy pleats pant
ISSEY MIYAKE PLEATS PLEASE black fluffy pleats pants
IM gray flat dyed top
ISSEY MIYAKE 132 5 gray flat dyed top
IM le pain tapered pant
ISSEY MIYAKE black le pain tapered pant
IM stream pleats dress
ISSEY MIYAKE black stream pleats dress
marni blue black trouser
Marni blue black trouser

RC apricot surveillance

yang li double layer jacket
YANG LI black double layer jacket
Ys u-design s1 hood coat
Y’s black u-design s1 hood coat

It’s fun to online window shop at times. Every one of these items and plenty more that I didn’t include here are gorgeous. Even if they don’t fit me in the ways they should, I still just want to see the clothes and touch them and look at their detailing in person. That’s what good design is in fashion, right? Clothes made so beautifully that no matter what one wants the enjoyment of seeing the clothes and appreciating the styling, tailoring, and texture of them – irregardless of whether or not one even likes or would wear the style.

All of this came about just from looking at one item:

black crane eggshell square shirt
Black Crane eggshell square shirt

All items found at Totokaelo.

Not for me


Shirt: from yesstyle.com. Pants: Uniqlo. Shoes: Allbirds. Necklace: Swarovski.

This is a new shirt for me. It’s a linen long sleeve tee and very comfortable. It’s got a bit of a boxy shape, is lightweight, but also kept me comfortable in the chilly AC of the office today.

The lump on my ankle is back. I think the Nisolo shoes are to blame. I may not be wearing those again for a long time until I figure out what’s up with my ankle.

Today I got shoes in the mail that I was really really looking forward to having. I saw them on the Y-3 website maybe 2 years ago, but knew I could never afford them. I think they retailed for over $300 then. I found them again recently on the theoutnet.com for a reasonable price and jumped on it. I loved opening the package, which was a bright orange box with the Y-3 logo. The shoes came with a shoe bag even extra shoe laces, nicely packaged in a little pouch. They only had Italian sizes on the site, so I went with a small because 38 IT = 8 US and that’s my size. Nope. Way too small. I could’ve easily decided to return them to get the medium size, which I know is in stock, but something about the shoes made me hesitate. They are beautiful and well made and the detailing in them was gorgeous, but there was something about them that made me think they were’t the most practical shoes – even for casual wear. I know they are meant to be high-end fashion casual wear. However, there was a part in the middle bottom that I could tell was going to get so dirty so fast and be ruined quickly with the way I beat up shoes. So with a very heavy sigh I just decided to return them and not exchange for the bigger size.  I let my practicality win over me, but I don’t know if that’s a plus or not. Am I really that afraid to embrace something different and challenge myself stylistically because I question myself too much? Am I putting myself down? Part of me thinks maybe I really am plain vanilla. I don’t know yet and I sorta still want to call and change my return for an exchange – no, I’ll wait. I know I can get the medium size later, so I’ll wait a while and see how I feel.

Lounge wear conundrum

Gretchen brought up an interesting point in her outfit post today. Her style choices have made her more aware of how she may stand out to everyone else around her who wears workout clothes or the typical tee/jeans combination.

I had to admit that as someone whose uniform was very much a tee with jeans I knew that if I saw someone dressed as her around my neighborhood I would take notice as well. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a tee and jeans, but as I’ve expressed here before – I’m kinda tired of that same old look and actually want to put some more effort into how I look.

All of this got me thinking about how casually most people in the suburbs dress nowadays. It’s definitely a bit different in the city, where many people dress up more. Why is that? Why is it ok to dress up more in the city or is it just the fact that there are so many more people who live in the city, thus there are more types of personalities and within the throngs there’s bound to be several handfuls who deliberately make an effort to dress up? Is it due to the fact that the more eyes there are on the street then the more one feels the need to dress up as opposed to just throwing on a pair of leggings and a tee to go shoe shopping at the local suburban mall? Do people in the suburbs feel more complacent about their lives and therefore don’t feel the need to dress up or put a little more effort into dressing when they go out? Is it maybe due to the fact that more families live out in the suburbs and parents who have little time to deal with all their children’s activities mean they care less about how they look due to their busy schedules? (And to that extent – how many times have they used said business as an excuse for not bothering to dress a little nicer?) I definitely don’t have the answer to these at all. I’m not a parent, but I  do wonder how some of my friends with kids would respond.  I know that’s not the case for all parents though. There are several who do make an effort to be more presentable – the amount of fashion/influencer blogs I follow says as much – not just for the sake of people possibly looking at them, but because they want to feel better about themselves in general, which is really no different than my own reasons.

So does dressing up a bit more in the suburbs make one more…. pretentious/subversive/different? At any given moment in any store out in the suburbs here, I know I’ll run into women wearing athleisure clothing – leggings or yoga pants with tees and sports shoes or sandals. Then there’s the tee/jeans wearers (like myself) and…. that’s really it. The only other time is when you see someone wearing clothes for work, which might entail a suit or nice dress shirt with dress pants/ skirt. And here is where the I get to the point of the topic: is it really ok to wear lounge wear out in public? When I mean lounge wear, I mean the yoga pants, leggings, old jeans that 99% of the time rarely see the outside of the house, the stained or ripped or old tees that are too soft to get rid of, etc….  Also, have most people in the suburbs resigned themselves to more casual codes of dress that’s seen everywhere out of complacency, practicality, or because they don’t want to stand out too much since everyone around them is dressed similarly?



Everlane outfit

outfit sittingoutfit

Shirt and Pants: Everlane. Shoes: Nisolo.

I don’t feel like these photos are doing this outfit justice. I may only have my mediocre photography skills to blame for it. The pants flare out a little more I think. In any case, I felt very well put together today. I like the masculine look and the structured, thick cotton of both the pants and the shirt made me think: I will wear these until they are threadbare. I still have some breaking-in pains with the Nisolos though. They actually bothered my ankle today and luckily I had on a band-aid or I might’ve gotten a blister. I was walking around a lot more today in the office.