Things fall apart


Last Thursday – Sweater: Everlane. Pants: Fantasy Linen. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi.


Last Friday – Shirt: Yesstyle. Pants: Fantasy Linen. Jacket: Journal Standard. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi.


Today – Shirt: Everlane. Pants: Grana. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi. Purse: Coach.

Things have been an awkward mess lately and so am I.

Saturday the husband and I did some damage to the weed pit situation that is our flower beds. I took the electric hedge trimmers and gave the holly bushes out front a very bad buzz cut. I cut them back much lower than before, but that’s because I’m tired of them creeping up so much. I may work on removing them this week. The flower bed along the driveway was completely ripped up. Some of the plants we tore right out and others we trimmed back to tiny nubbins. It was nice getting a foot of space back on our already narrow driveway. The husband wants to tear out all the plants and put rocks down until we can afford to repave the whole driveway. It would be a lot of work, but at least we wouldn’t be fighting plants when we open the car doors next to the house.

Just now I heard a noise and our dumb cat, Bento, was so worked up from seeing a squirrel outside the window he body slammed into it and then bounced backwards. I saw him at the moment he wobbled to keep balance, but then fell on his butt down to the floor. He then jumped right back up on the window sill and is huffing and puffing, furious at the squirrel outside. He does this somewhat regularly. He forgets there’s a pane of glass in front of him and then slams himself into the window because his little kitty mind is too actively trying to chase the critters outside. I really wonder if he’s somehow given himself head damage from how many times he’s done that.

SnB:VS Episode 21: S*** finally gets real


As usual, there will be spoilers.

So where do I begin? Episode summary or just dive head first into Nina haterade?

I’ll try and go through the episode as shit hit the fan and kept coming at it the whole time.

First: Alessand officially killed Mugaro. Afterwards, we see Alessand go back to the Onyx Knight leader and he shows his bloodied knife, saying he’s killed the holy child. He now wants to be an Onyx Knight as his reward. He finds out it’s gruesome and unglamorous and Alessand says thanks, but no thanks. Disillusioned and dealing with the death of a child on his hands, he breaks down. Alessand is a character to be pitied, but he’s been such a doorstop the whole time it’s hard to really care about him at all. His bit parts the entire series have felt more or less like throw-away scenes with little value. Now all of a sudden we’re supposed to take him seriously as a secondary villain in the making after 20 episodes of him just being a whiney little bitch?

Second, Azazel confronts Lucifer (FINALLY LUCI IS ON SCREEN!) and says now is the time to act and declare war.  While this scene was good because two hot and hot-headed demons were bickering like a married couple, it did feel a little wasted. It’s known that Azazel stormed off from the demon hideout way back when to go save the demons Charioce enslaved. His sense of duty towards his people has always been fierce and making Charioce/ humans who abuse demons pay for it was always his objective. Unfortunately, like many other instances in this series, this is another missed opportunity case. Had the struggle to show Azazel’s determination to free the demon slaves been a relatively constant subplot of the show, this meeting with Lucifer would’ve held a lot more weight. Lucifer wanted nothing to do with human battles after Charioce nearly decimated their race and would rather hide under a rock to ensure his survival than fight. With Azazel finally showing up to say this is go time, why couldn’t we have had a little more backstory on Lucifer’s reluctance and need to see Azazel prove himself capable of leading a successful battle before now? For as much as I loved the interaction between these two bishonen, I have to admit that it felt tacked on.

Third, Jeanne gets pissed off enough to go to Gabriel and say: bitch, my son is dead and I’m in charge and WAR!!! NOW!!! And then Gabriel gives her cryptic smile and Sophiel fuses herself with Jeanne to make her super human powerful and god-like aka SnB: Genesis. WHUT? She’s allowed to have her powers back? Doesn’t that make Mugaro kinda…. pointless if his mom was always capable of being the BAMF She-Ra she was in Genesis? I felt gutted when I saw that scene because it really just made me feel like Mugaro, who was by far one of the absolute best characters of the whole second series with an intriguing story arc, completely superfluous. If the angels can just Power Ranger up any old human why the fuck was Mugaro even necessary to their cause in the first cour?! This scene too felt tacked on and completely undermined the importance of Mugaro’s character.

Fourth, Kaisar and Dias are the only ones who realize Alessand killed Mugaro for his own personal gain and not any real direct order from Charioce.  Therefore, Azazel and Jeanne’s upcoming war is based on misplaced anger. That’s not stated, but implied by the meeting. It could also be a red herring because there seem to be a lot of those in this series. Considering Charioce did order Mugaro’s death earlier, he’s still no more or less culpable of the kid’s death. Alessand simply did him an indirect favor. Also, Kaisar finds out Charioce is in Abos/Eibos (it was Abos in Genesis, but it seems to have been turned into Eibos in Virgin Soul). So all the heroes except the two war lords (Azazel and Jeanne) know where Charioce is hanging out. This seems to be setting up the cast for a two-field battle ground: one in Anatae with the demon and angel armies against the humans and one in Eibos with Nina against Charioce.

Lastly, Nina finally acts a little like she could be an actual protagonist in this series.  Favaro, ever the acutely aware teacher/dad, checks on a grieving Nina and finally sees some resolve on her face as she declares that no matter what she will stop Charioce. It’s implied that she’ll kill him if she has to, but never explicitly stated. None fucks were given about her resolution because… say it with me… too little too late to give a shit.

While watching Virgin Soul I re-watched Genesis and apparently Eibos was the last place where Bahamut was held until it broke free, nearly destroyed the world, and was fought back into submission/sorta death. Charioce visiting Eibos has been mentioned in passing a couple times, so I’m guessing this will eventually have something to do with Bahamut? Maybe? Red herring? Could he have been making Dromos deliberately to ensure that Bahamut is without-a-doubt destroyed? If so, then that is one super shitty plot line. Conjecture: That would make him a misunderstood anti-hero who ultimately would have the preservation of the human species as his end game and purpose. The motivation behind that purpose was most likely the death of his mother. Had humans exerted more power earlier on, then she wouldn’t have had to die, therefore his genocide against the demons and angels to gain their powers to create Dromos would make him justified. I have a very strange feeling this is where the show is head, but I could be wrong. If I am correct, then Charioce will be propped up to bad, but not-so-bad villain. It would also explain a lot about his character. I have a very bad feeling that his backstory in all this will be told via some flashback that’ll take up the majority of the finale and end with him and Nina working together. Shall I place bets with myself now?

Killing off a major character for the sake of a good narrative and move the remaining characters into action has been done plenty of times before. Mugaro’s death was the catalyst for the cast to actually get back to the plot. It was also the catalyst in turning Nina into a valuable player – I think. That’s still… TBD. Unfortunately, since the characters weren’t moving towards much of a plot to begin with, the little tyke’s death just seems plain sad and not really thought out at all by the producers.

This episode upped it’s game visually. Many characters were given gorgeous moments with beautiful lighting and details. The slow-motion scenes of Rita trying to save Mugaro while all characters were shown in states of shock, anger and grief, accompanied by a choral hymn were beautiful. It was meant to have a powerful, dream-like emotional punch and it succeeded there. The detailed emphasis on all the major players afterwards visually was quite a delicious spectacle. But I can’t help but feel half of it was wasted due to the plot going to shit in such a way.

No one still has any fucking clue what Charioce is up to or why. What I wrote above is, as stated, conjecture. Three episodes left and I kinda feel like the plot rolls with whatever magic 8-ball MAPPA is using right now.





Sweater: Everlane. Pants: Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi. Jacket: EMS.

Although the office was rather uneventful, I was constantly busy after work. The husband is still sick so aside from my usual workout routine (weight lifting) today, I also made dinner, finished some laundry, went to the vet for cat food (prescription), and stopped by the grocery store for a few things. This is the first time, aside from dinner, that I’ve sat down since I got home.

It’s rainy and cool outside, which is kinda odd for this time of year. In general it’s been much cooler and everyone keeps talking about how we’re going to have a bad winter.

Outfits and illness


Saturday: Sweater and Pants: Everlane. Jacket: Journal Standard. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi.

It was cold and rainy. The husband and I ventured out to run errands at a mall and later we went out to a fantastic sushi restaurant that’s a 4 minute drive from our house. We really need to go there more often. The jacket is “new” to me. It came in my Japanese package the other week, but I’ve not had a chance to wear it yet. I’d not heard of Journal Standard before, but apparently they are rather popular for clothing that is similar to 45rpm in style. The jacket is full 100% linen and is the softest linen I’ve ever felt. I would say it’s on par with my bedsheets, which are also full linen and I’ve been sleeping on those for over a year. The weight of this linen is incredibly heavy, so it makes the jacket feel more substantial.


Sunday: Top: Banana Republic. Skirt: Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes: Chinese Laundry.

Sunday I spent lounging around the house until I had to get dressed to go out for a friend’s wedding. I wanted to take photos at the house beforehand, but we were running late so the husband took these photos at the hotel. The skirt is the third item I have from Yohji-sama and it’s crushed velvet with some contrast edging in a sturdy cotton. This skirt can technically be worn as pants as well, but I just wore it as a skirt so the other “leg” go behind me. That leg also has the trim on it and not the main part of the skirt so it makes it slightly asymmetrical. Unlike the other items I have that are labeled Y’s, this one is just labeled Yohji Yamamoto on the inside. The shoes I’m wearing are the only heeled, fancy shoes I have. I think my Frye shoes are the same height. Luckily these shoes run a little big on me even though they are the size I normally wear, so the back didn’t irritate my ankle at all.


Tuesday: Shirt: Yesstyle. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Lems.

I didn’t take a photo Monday because I didn’t get out of my pjs at all the entire day. The husband was sickly Sunday night and proceeded to get worse Monday. I was mildly hung over and it was hot out so neither of us did much other than lounge around. He binge watched Narcos and I binge played Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Today I’m tired and didn’t put much effort into my outfit. The husband is even worse today. He’s got a low grade fever now so he called out of work. I think because I was such a slug yesterday I didn’t sleep well and wasn’t prepared to go back to work today.

SnB:VS Episode 20 – poor Mugaro


Spoilers ahead.

I’ve kinda given up on SnBVS actually adhering to some sort of plot now. It started out with an end point, but the train derailed and despite its determination to get somewhere, no one on board has any clue where that end point exists.  Weird things keep happening that are very much too-little-too-late in the gives-a-shit category.

Heart-broken Nina, after flubbing up the mission because she preferred to dance, runs away from the castle and ends up in a one on one battle with another dragon. WHUT? The head Onyx Knight hired a full-fledged dragon-folk guy who is a purist and hates half breeds (insert Hogwarts Slytherin references here, it’s same sort of prejudice). He and Nina go full-dragon mode to fight it out and Nina gets her ass handed to her.

What’s incredible about this scene is how pointless it was from the beginning. This is also an incredible missed opportunity for character development Nina needed over ten episodes ago. Having Nina face off against one of her own kind earlier would’ve been an amazing way to open up her eyes about the world around her and maybe be more invested in what her friends are fighting for, but that didn’t happen. After her short-lived battle, she ends up knocked down and it’s not the hunter who deals the final blow – it’s the Onyx Knight when he reveals that Charioce ordered her to be killed. Fuck the fact that she’s fighting another dragon! Fuck the fact that her life is in danger! Her defeat was more emotional than physical and while some would say that’s significant, it makes me laugh because that alone rendered the whole 2 minute battle sequence with the dragon hunter completely irrelevant and unnecessary. Want to take Nina down? Tell her Charioce hates her. Boom. Destroyed.

Back at home base, Mugaro throws a tantrum about not wanting to go back to Heaven. The reunion scene ended up being glossed over with only Jeanne thanking Azazel for taking care of Mugaro. Mom’s back to take custody and go home with El. K. Thnx. Bye.  However, Mugaro’s superiority complex (courtesy of Gabriel) hadn’t entirely abated. While this scene gave Bacchus a shining moment as he called out Mugaro on his ego, this scene still felt a bit pointless. The angels know about Dromos (hand puppet death star) and how it can destroy the world. So…. why do they want to take back the super power kid who has the best chance out of any of defeating it back to Heaven? Oh, right, Gabriel is too depressed up in Heaven and needs everyone to go back to her. That’s at least the only reason I can think of why there was even an argument about going back to Heaven. I think Bacchus’s comment was good in knocking Mugaro down a peg and putting his existence into perspective, but shit, the kid wants to fight and may be very necessary in helping to save the world!  In any case, Mugaro realizes he’s not the world savior he thought he was and then goes to say his goodbyes.

Cut to scene with Nina having a temper tantrum over Charioce, because nothing else matters to her and she’s still as irrelevant to the story as ever. She was given a very small bit of characterization as she attempts to hide her tears and puts on a cheery face in front of Mugaro, knowing he’s going away. Seriously MAPPA, more little scenes like this would’ve made Nina much more tolerable up to this point. I know I’ve said this so many times, but I just DGAF about her or Charioce. Burn ’em both.

I really hope this is the final straw for Charioce being an actual villain, but part of me thinks it’s all set up for him to be the fall-guy. He never explicitly said to kill the red dragon, but his non-committal response could be construed as him being just as guilty of it.

Mugaro’s goodbye scene with Azazel was as emotional as their meeting again and that along with Bacchus’s comments were the best scenes of the whole episode. Actually both scenes were throw-away scenes now that I think about it because it’s all about going back to Heaven for some unknown reason that most likely has zero affect on the plot. That, in turn, makes this generally a filler episode from beginning to end – IF the plot made sense, but it doesn’t.

Post credit major spoiler: Alessand, who was hiding out in the slums because everyone had forgotten about him, gets Mugaro alone and stabs the kid in the stomach. I’m guessing he did this to prove himself after being turned down from the Onyx Knights. He was a cardboard cut-out character from the beginning and him doing this NOW also feels like a missed opportunity for character development that would’ve made him more tolerable much earlier in the series. I can understand the importance of offing (or attempting to kill) Mugaro at this point just before the final arc push. Downing a major power player is always a setback. However, the way it was done feels like a shock-value afterthought on the part of MAPPA. Once again, post credit action/revelations that last all of 20 seconds trump the entire episode’s worth of…. whatever the hell it was….

This was another episode that packed a punch on an emotional front, but seemed to fall flat on action. While I applauded the show in the beginning for putting more weight into the characters over Genesis, I’m starting to feel conflicted due to how badly this series has mucked up. Some characters are given incredible moments to shine and fill out, while others, who badly needed more moments and backstory, aren’t given anything at all. So the idea that Virgin Soul is more character based doesn’t entirely hold up anymore. The first cour seemed to really balance out the character narratives with a plot line, but the second cour has thrown all of that out the window. Neither the character moments nor the action seem in sync now. As a viewer I don’t care as much about the action because I have no reason to care about the characters participating in it. Also, any action that seems significant, ends up being irrelevant and a waste of time.

Nina is supposed to be the one I root for the most and she’s the character I care least about. I understand that in life-threatening or world-threatening situations the characters can’t entirely relate nor care about why they should be saving the world. It’s a character crisis that many protagonists go through and when they conquer their afflictions to gain a greater sense of the big picture and how they fit in it – it becomes a vital part of why they end up being the protagonist to root for in the end. I know Nina’s emotional turmoil is meant to bring her to a greater understanding of herself and the world around her. Yes, even something as simple as a broken heart can do that to a good protagonist. However, it’s not working this time at all. Her lack of self-reflection has been to her detriment as a character I care about. Favaro seems to be the only one who gets it – she needs to work past her emotions to reach the other side. To the show’s credit, his attention to her has been touching and lets the viewers know, ok she’s really not that naive. But it’s only been through his attention and guidance of her that the viewer even has a hint she’s got a brain! There’s a major problem when other characters have to be so verbal in foreshadowing to relay the emotional journey of a character we, as viewers, should already know that about.

There are 4 more episodes for Nina to get over it and actually do something real as a protagonist as well as find the plot and stick to it. My favorites: Favaro, Kaisar, Azazel, Jeanne, Bacchus, Rita, and Mugaro have been stuck in the mud, spinning their wheels for far too long.

Just today


Shirt: Everlane. Pants: Brass Clothing. Shoes: Allbirds.

“Your outfit looks really good today.” An intern said this to me while getting coffee in the kitchen. At first, my inner snark wanted to reply, just today? but I decided to shrug it off and said, “I just threw it on this morning.”  She said whenever she threw on clothes in the morning she never looks half as put together as I do. I just smiled at the compliment.

Later on I came across articles on different sites about how people can have multiple selves when it comes to fashion. Each day is different so we present a different side of ourselves and that’s reflected in how we dress. A person can be coherent with their wardrobe (uniforms or same structure styles in outfits) or near schizophrenic, exhibiting a variety of styles and silhouettes. I used to think I wanted to be a uniform type of person, but now I’m not so sure. But this got me thinking about the intern’s comment. She didn’t mean it negatively in any way I’m sure, but rather, something about my outfit today  resonated with her.

My outfits yesterday and today are generally the same. I’m wearing a striped shirt and black pants with slip-on shoes. However, the styles of the clothing differ. Today’s shirt is a button-down and the stripes are vertical instead of horizontal. Although not entirely fitted, the shirt is also more structured than yesterday’s. The pants today are form-fitting and closer to the norm for most black pants women wear. The pants yesterday were structural, but in a slightly more formal fashion and they were large in the legs, which is not normally seen. I almost wore my TOMS again, but changed to the Allbirds because I felt wearing the TOMS would be too boring. Honestly, I prefer yesterday’s look to today’s.

I talked to the husband about my tendonitis woes and how either I can wear the moon boot again, or see how well this brace works out. I also might get a different brace for wearing to bed. He suggested I just wear this one and so I thought about how I could do so comfortably. Yesterday I wore my soft brace without any socks and realized it was far too itchy. The company recommends wearing socks under the brace and I’m guessing comfort is a big reason for that. However, it would irritate me to sleep with just one foot covered in a sock and I generally don’t like wearing socks to bed.

What I needed was a sock-let type of thing. I don’t have many long socks, but my husband has half a drawer full and he’s still got some that have never been worn even though he got them 3 years ago. I asked to have a pair of his socks and I wouldn’t be able to return them because I needed to cut them. He gave me a pair and I cut off the very ends so the socks fit on the areas I need them to while wearing the brace. Also, since the socks were long, I could fold them over the brace, which would make it more comfortable to wear at night (I’m a side sleeper).


This is the sock-let experiment result. The top part of the sock is completely folded over the velcro bits of the brace so I have sock covering the inside and outside scratchy parts.

I didn’t sleep as well last night as normal because I was aware of the brace most of the night, but I think I could get used to it. What surprised me was how comfortable I was today while wearing this. The ponte pants were stretchy enough to fit over the brace and even cover up the sock parts so it didn’t look weird. I highly doubt anyone even noticed I was wearing a brace.

I’d read that wearing a brace at night to keep the foot from flexing too much would help in addition to wearing a brace during the day, so I’m trying this out for a while. And by a while, I mean probably a few months. I did notice yesterday that my bump, which wasn’t huge to begin with, is already decreasing in size.

I. Will. Beat. This. Mother. Fucking. Tendonitis.

Achilles Tendonitis is annoying


Shirt: Yesstyle. Pants: Everlane E2 Wide-leg Crop. Shoes: TOMS.

I originally had on a sleeveless shirt, but then changed into my linen long sleeve and I’m glad I did. I was freezing the office this morning. It was 57F when I left the house this morning. It feels strange with the weather being this cool this early.

I don’t have anything poetic or exciting to say about this outfit. I like it and was completely comfortable. I did notice a string from the bottom hem of the pants midway throughout the day and had to cut it off or it would unravel the entire end. Considering I’ve not worn these pants all that much and I don’t do anything other that sit or walk in the office in them, I’m a bit disappointed.

I know the title of this post has nothing to do with outfits, but I spent half of my day researching Achilles tendonitis problems and the issues with recovery. Apparently, it’s not nearly as easy to get over as my so-called specialist said it would be. I mean, I’ve been in the boot twice already and I’m still having issues. So I watched a lot of videos and read a lot about the complications of recurring or chronic tendonitis problems. It takes a really long time to heal properly. Many accounts I read on message boards were of people dealing with it for multiple years…. great. There’s also different kinds. The easier one to get over is midpoint tendonitis and the harder one to get over, which is the one I have, insertional tendonitis is lower on the heel and can form calcified lumps or bursa lumps on the back of the heel. Oh hey, guess what – I have a lump. It’s not huge. It’s actually very small so technically I shouldn’t need surgery.  I may, however, have to get back in the boot for a much longer period of time. FML.

I’ll try a few other things first and see how well this brace I’m wearing helps me out before I give up and break out the moon boot again.