Perpetual autumn

I may very well be broken. Even though we are finally in spring, all I want to wear are clothes from Yohji Yamamoto autumn/winter 18-19 collection. To be fair, we're not really having a Spring per se. We've gone straight from ass-freezing cold to WTF-why-am-I-sweating-so-much summer in a span of 12 hours. It started yesterday... Continue Reading →

4 months, 1 shoe

For 4 months one shoe (right) has been on my foot and the other (left) has been in a box. Btw, the heel of the shoe above is falling off now at the very bottom layer. I kinda knew I wanted to do a comparison post when I first bought these shoes. Ideally, I'd wear... Continue Reading →

One more week

For the end of the week and into week (and even now) I'm in jeans. I have one more full week wearing the boot. Then I can start tapering off and to be honest, I'm fucking terrified. I really want my ankle to be ok this time and I know I can't rush the tapering... Continue Reading →


While I was stuck at home during the massive snow storm yesterday, I thought to myself: this would be a good day to buy those pants I want from PdC. I'm still nervous about buying something so expensive, but at the same time I know I can afford it and I do want them (along... Continue Reading →

In favor of enough

The last photo was taken today. I put on the pants just for this photo and then took them off and put on the jeans I had been wearing beforehand and put my shoe/boot back on. I simply wanted to take a photo to show the pants I got from Uniqlo today before I wash... Continue Reading →

Defining expenses

This was Friday's outfit. It was a bit warm and this polyester shirt works really well for that in-between weather temperature range. I need a jacket for going outside, but inside I'm fine with just this. It's another reminder that not all of my fast-fashion buys are bad things as long as I keep using... Continue Reading →

Lazy, most of the time

This past Wednesday's outfit was a repeat of last Wednesday's outfit and I think in general it's my favorite. Hardly anyone was in the office Thursday due to the parade and Friday I just DGAF. I did get a compliment from a coworker on my top though, which surprised me. This whole week has been... Continue Reading →

Making an effort

Each time I do outfit photos I have to set up the tripod. No photo is the same because I have to move some furniture out of the way to set up the tripod and then take few shots. After taking a few for today I had gotten some full photos and seeing my face... Continue Reading →

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