Resolutions or goals?

Everlane sweater - Yohji Yamamoto coat - Pas de Calais pant - Dries Van Noten shoes - Baggu crossbody purse I was up early for a hair appointment and used my new purse for the first time. I got this Baggu purse on online on Black Friday at a local (it's in the city) zakka... Continue Reading →

Old self

Uniqlo flannel top - Grana jeans - Coach boots For some reason I've been feeling very raw over the past 48 hours and so bear with this post full of navel gazing and pondering. This is an "old me" outfit. It's probably one I'd wear in some variation every day, seven days a week several... Continue Reading →

Mental health

Everlane top - Uniqlo pant - Dries Van Noten shoes I left work early today for mental health. Since my dad died and now my mom is alone to deal with all the shit she's been through I've had severe anxiety issues. I've not had them this bad in a long time - at least... Continue Reading →

Near the limit

It's hot. I hate. Friday: Ann Demeulemeester top, Pas de Calais pant, Lems shoes. Monday: Yesstyle linen top, Won Hundred pant, Jil Sander shoes. Tuesday: Rosen linen top, YY skirt, Dries Van Noten shoes. I think I'm nearing the point at which I'm comfortable with the size of my wardrobe. I have a few other... Continue Reading →


Friday: Banana Republic top, YY skirt, Frye shoes. This weekend was one of those half-moments-of-zen where I was all wabi-sabi about my shoes and clothes. I know it won't last, so I'm writing this down for posterity and to remind myself I need to do what I did this weekend more often. I did a... Continue Reading →

Freak outs and being human

Last week I made a bad shoe decision and freaked myself out big time about my ankle. I've been on an emotional roller coaster again because of it. I'm so completely and stupidly stubborn. Thursday and Friday of last week were actually kinda slow for me. The earthquake that was the huge ordeal with one... Continue Reading →

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