Crazy plant lady

I have become that person with all the trendy house plants. Guilty as charged. I repotted the creeping vine from the wee fox planter because it was growing like crazy and I was afraid it would be root bound. These two new leaves have grown on my ficus since I bought it. This makes me... Continue Reading →

Curating or cutting down

Super casual for work, but it's not as if it's out of place at all. In fact, I'm wondering to some degree why I dressed up so much before. It's not that I didn't like to, but this shopping ban has very much driven the point across that I was trying a little too hard.... Continue Reading →

More plants and quiet moments

I've replaced buying clothes with buying plants. Luckily, I can buy a lot more plants for cheaper prices than I can the clothes I want. I still haven't bought any clothes, but I have a list. It's very small, but I feel like the fact that these very specific items keep popping into my head... Continue Reading →

Little plan(t)s

Tomorrow I head out for Vegas on a week long conference trip. Hopefully I'm better prepared this time in terms of wardrobe. Aside from that, I wanted to show the new plants I've gotten over the past two weeks. I'm becoming slightly addicted to buying little plants. I'm afraid to buy big ones because I'm... Continue Reading →


Last weekend was the flower show in the city. This weekend was the orchid festival at Longwood Gardens. Z and I are lucky to be near-ish to several amazing parks, garden centers, museums and arboretums. Longwood Gardens is well known for their seasonal displays. They always have something going on even though the rest of... Continue Reading →

Saving and propagating

My string of pearls nearly died entirely. I don't know what was going on with it, but I'm trying to save it now. I took what few strands were still good and put them in two little pots and put the pots in different rooms to see if they'd fare better in different areas. One... Continue Reading →


I used to use Flickr a lot many years ago when I photographed regularly. I had several online "friends" there and we'd always comment on each other's works. One of those friends took amazing nature photos along with his twin boys, who he called Thing 1 and Thing 2. His nature photos always captivated me... Continue Reading →

Apple picking

We went apple picking last Saturday. Our favorite orchard is always busy on the weekends in autumn due to their large variety of apples for picking. They have a schedule of what varieties will be ripe and when and what's available to pick and to simply buy in the market. They update their site almost... Continue Reading →

High Rocks

Sunday I went hiking with friends. There are several good state parks close to where we live. This one, High Rocks, is famous for lots of cliff faces people climb. When we arrived, two other guys with lots of climbing gear were getting ready in the parking lot. Some of the rocks also have climbers... Continue Reading →

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