The end of the year was very rough and I'm still reeling emotionally from everything that's happened. On top of that I've been having some health issues as well. Nothing serious, but enough to drive me to tears at any given moment on any given day between the two. I've been crying a lot lately.... Continue Reading →

Resolutions or goals?

Everlane sweater - Yohji Yamamoto coat - Pas de Calais pant - Dries Van Noten shoes - Baggu crossbody purse I was up early for a hair appointment and used my new purse for the first time. I got this Baggu purse on online on Black Friday at a local (it's in the city) zakka... Continue Reading →

Not in best interests

Vince turtleneck - Yohji Yamamoto shirt - Grana jeans - Blundstones After my failed excursion to DSW for snow boots a couple weeks ago I remembered I had a type of boot in my Pinterest list that might work. At first, I thought of getting rain boots and the snow boots, but why not get... Continue Reading →

Warm or cold palette?

Acne Studios sweater - Won Hundred pant - Coach boots Last night I pulled out a box in the closet on the top shelf near the attic hatch. It's not an easy shelf to reach and it's a short shelf, but it perfectly fits my Coach boot box that contained these boots, which I've not... Continue Reading →

Too cold to care season

Yohji Yamamoto top and pant - Land's End cardigan - Frye Carly Chukkas 'Tis the season for not caring what I wear anymore. While I'm still putting together appropriate outfits, something about them feels like I'm not trying or simply don't care. While not trying and still looking put together is a nice talent to... Continue Reading →

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