Headless to blur

When I take photos, I usually crop the head off. I'm wondering if maybe seeing my hair will help me assess the outfit better because one's hairstyle can affect the way an outfit looks. I noticed that recently with the pinterest photos of outfits I've been liking a lot. So maybe I'll do a face... Continue Reading →

New old things

This has become my token summer Friday outfit. I tend to always wear this shirt and now these jeans on Fridays. A uniform! Usually I wear my Vans with this outfit and I did today while in the office because the AC was pumping. I left work early and put on the sandals when I... Continue Reading →

Outfit army

This week has been rough and it's only Tuesday. It all started Sunday night when my stomach decided it didn't like food anymore. For the past 48 hours I've lived off saltines, plain oatmeal and water. Any time I've tried eating anything else my stomach started flipping tables: NOPE! Yesterday I was so drained I... Continue Reading →

Hot weather = lethargy

It would seem I've been wearing my linen pants a lot lately. That makes sense since it's been getting oppressively hot out. I'm also getting to the None Fucks Given mode of dressing due to the heat as well. I'm not the only one though. Lots of people are getting much more casual and wearing... Continue Reading →

Burnt out or….

This past week I had another whirlwind conference outing. I wasn't there for the whole event, but getting up at 4:30 am for a 48 hour marathon of flights, booth assembly, several mini-client meetings, a huge dinner event and then another huge lunch event were quite enough to knock me out. When I got back... Continue Reading →

I hate wait

I'm in a bit of denial that it's only Wednesday. Monday I had a 12+ hour day with visiting clients. Tuesday I was exhausted and insanely busy. Today has also been busy, but I'm starting to see the lull headed this way: summer. Random things: This weekend I'm having linen pants altered by a friend.... Continue Reading →

Foot in mouth

Remember how many months ago when I lamented I was over jeans? For anyone who has read this blog long enough, please commence with the eye-rolling now. Just like any other fickle human, I go back and forth on what I like and don't like to wear. I've now got it in my head that... Continue Reading →

Breaking constraints

I've been wearing a lot of lighter colors lately. I also decided to quit the shopping ban. I don't necessarily feel like a "failure" per se, but there is some disappointment. Many years ago (near ten now yikes), when I literally didn't shop for clothing at all for 5  years straight I was in a... Continue Reading →

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