Out of mind until reminded

This past weekend I deliberately broke my shopping ban in order to get a suit jacket and dress shirt. Because I don't really have enough time (unless I wanted to expedite shipping) to order anything online I headed to a nearby mall. After wandering several stores (Uniqlo, H&M, Banana Republic) I ended up in Macy's... Continue Reading →

Shopping ban update

So it's almost March. How have I been doing with the shopping ban? Excellent, with one exception. On the business trip I was just on, I totally forgot to take my night shirt and didn't have any sleeping clothes! Major smack to the forehead moment for me when I realized that in the hotel room.... Continue Reading →

When does it stop

I didn't mean to suddenly disappear for a few weeks, but I'm feeling as if I'm on a merry-go-round in some alternate, hellish universe and wondering when it'll stop and I can get back to reality. Work has been very busy for me and two weeks ago I went on a conference trip. This was... Continue Reading →

It’s only Tuesday

These photos are a mix of last week and this one. I've been so busy that I come home and blink and then find myself at work again. I feel stressed and busy in stupid ways like I was this time last year. I'm seeing a trend now with this company on busy seasons. The... Continue Reading →

Even keel

I didn't take too many photos this week. Mostly because it was extremely busy and weird for both Z and myself. I went to the doctor and got a script for physical therapy and to get an anti-depressant. I'd had enough and even though I didn't feel great about having to get one, I knew... Continue Reading →


The end of the year was very rough and I'm still reeling emotionally from everything that's happened. On top of that I've been having some health issues as well. Nothing serious, but enough to drive me to tears at any given moment on any given day between the two. I've been crying a lot lately.... Continue Reading →

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