I have no idea what day it is


I threw on what was comfortable and warm for today. I couldn’t remember what day it was. It kinda felt like a Friday, but I was busy this morning like a Monday and a coworker thought it was Tuesday.

Even after Z shoveled 3 times yesterday – the last being at 8:30 pm – I still had to wipe off 3 inches of snow from my car this morning. We got a foot of snow total. Can we please be done with this nonsense? I’m also sick of wearing wool socks. My legs and feet itch like crazy because my skin is so dry and I put on wool socks to keep warm. Even my trusty favorite moisturizer can’t handle how weirdly dry this winter has been. Odd, that we’ve had an insane amount of precipitation, but the humidity levels overall have been one of the driest seasons on record.

I reposted the job description with some changes for the admin role we are looking for. We’ve had nearly 100 applicants and maybe 3 wrote decent cover letters and resumes. All the rest… yikes. I was hoping for better leads by putting a few more parameters on the job description, but this afternoon’s crop of resumes has me wondering why the hell I’m getting bottom feeders. Ugh. I know, that’s super harsh of me to say, but seriously, how many times can I read something along the lines of: I’m a dependable and honest person! without wanting to stab my eyes out. I don’t give two shits what these applicants think of themselves! I want to know their qualifications! IF they happen to add a glowing recommendation from a coworker who says yes, this person is dependable and honest – then great, but I’m not impressed when that’s the first line of a cover letter! It’s egotistical, stupid and NOT WHAT YOU WRITE IN A COVER LETTER. I suppose I should be lucky some applicants even wrote one – despite how awful it is – because even after making a cover letter a requirement for the application process, most of them don’t even bother or write stupid shit like “Great Customer Service Skills” and… that’s it. WHAT?!

The biggest WTF on these resumes though is the phrase “tech savvy”. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? A coworker guessed it meant the applicant can use Facebook, which made me laugh. When the GM asked me what it meant I told him I have no idea and I don’t even know what era that phrase is from. He guessed the 80s.

I don’t even think I can say I’m looking for an admin anymore. I’m just looking for someone who knows how to write a fucking cover letter and resume. Period.

Z says I need to make Bad Application Bingo. Phrases on the card can read “honest and dependable”, “tech savvy”, telecommuting, secretary and “stay at home mom”.

Big, baggy aesthetic


2 posts, 1 day. Haven’t done that in a while.

This is today’s snow day outfit. It’s a Nike sweatpants outfit I bought for running outside a few years ago. More often than not, I wear either or both of these pieces for warmth in the winter.

I found a new outfit/clothing tumblr to fawn over in the same vein of Death by Elocution, but with a baggier look – fftdimg. For as much as I love the looks in DbE, I can’t help but think: I couldn’t pull that off because bare ankles mean cold ankles. A lot of the looks on DbE have the model in an oversized sweater, wool coat, slightly cropped trousers and some sort of spotless looking shoe. The looks are polished and while they look like real looks people would wear, I still think there’s that not-quite-within-grasp-without-looking-like-you’re-trying-too-hard / pretentiousness to them. I think a lot of that has to do with practicality and seeing such top-heavy looking outfits with bare ankles that would be cold instantly brings home the lack of realism in the outfits. The look is gorgeous, no doubt, and something to aspire to, which seems to be the point. I think it’s obvious the photographer knows these looks are more idealized than practical, but having that eye candy is inspiring. fftdimg is similar, but I noticed how the proportions are bigger, baggier, and pant lengths are definitely longer. Looking through fftdimg had me thinking: I can definitely wear that. No bare, cold ankles, but more of a polished throwback to the longer leg lengths of the 90s and early 2000s – without the grunge.



For as much as I love the cropped pant look, I can’t get past the cold ankles and this winter has driven home the importance of having ALL Limbs Covered All The Time. Maybe next winter will be different and I’ll be all over cropped pants. If I’m perfectly honest though, I think I’m more of a full-long length pant kind of person.

Someone call Spring, it forgot it’s due date.


Today is the first day of spring. We are expecting 5-8 inches of snow. We are not amused here and ready for this winter business to go away.

white shirt

This was Monday’s outfit with the new white shirt I bought. It got dirty, as expected, but I was right in how sturdy the material is and it can take a beating. I was a bit self conscious of the collar hitting my chin and possibly getting makeup on it, but it wasn’t as big a problem as I thought. Overall, I am glad I bought it.


Tuesday’s outfit: wearing the new Pas de Calais linen pants. These are extremely comfortable. It’s like wearing PJs because the linen is so soft. It’s also very thick. The weave of the linen gives it a herringbone look close-up, which I found really interesting and wondered if that had anything to do with how soft they are.

These are a size small and I wavered back and forth a lot on whether or not to return these for the extra small. These are a bit big in the waist, but there are side cinches to tighten it. When I do that, it bunches a little at the waist and so that made me wonder if I really am an extra small in size. I wore the pants on and off over the weekend and decided I’ll stick with the small and I’m glad I did. I cinched the sides when I first put them on, but ended up loosening them throughout the day and realized these are more mid-to-low rise kind of pants. They are meant to be worn a little slouchy. I can wear them at the waist cinched, but I ended up feeling more comfortable in them loose. These are the lowest style pants I have and since it’s been so long since I’ve worn lower rise pants I felt a little weird at first, but was completely fine by the end of the day. The small is in fact the right size for me because of the room I have in the thighs and hips. An extra small would be a bit snug there and I prefer the looser fitting. Once I got used to it and realized just how these pants are meant to be worn I was perfectly fine and do believe they are worth the price. Of course, I got an email from the PdC shop the following day about a basement sale of 60% off all items for this Friday. However, I think it might be only for in-store purchases and since the store carrying the brand are too far away from me (in NY) then I don’t feel too bad.

One other thing, the pockets are very low in these pants and are kinda weird. They bunch up oddly when I sit down because the pockets bulge out right at my hips when sitting, but I also got used to that. The side pockets aren’t so much for practical purposes as for just throwing your hands in, but there is a good sized back pocket that’s perfectly usable.


Over the weekend I bought some house plants. Waaaaaaaayyyy back when in college – don’t ask how long ago – I used to be the Plant Rescuer. Whenever friends had plants that were dying they’d give them to me and I’d take care of them and the plants would spring back to life. My apartment was full of plants. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the environment I was in then or not (I lived in OK at the time), but now I can’t save a plant to save my own life. Keeping plants since I’ve moved to the east coast has been quite the ordeal. Every place I’ve lived in has at least a ten degree temperature extreme on almost any given day. Currently, during the winter lows in this house can get down to 62F and up to 70F when the heat kicks on. If we wanted to keep the house more temperate we’d be paying a billion dollars in electrical bills. During the summer, the house still ranges from 68 to 80F. On top of that, the difference between the bedrooms upstairs and the basement is anywhere from 10-15 degree difference constantly. I know not a lot of plants can handle that kind of temperature swing on a 24 hour basis so keeping plants alive here has been challenging. I’ve had a little luck with succulents (barely), but I’m hoping having a pothos, which is almost impossible to kill, will help me gain my green thumb confidence back.

Lastly, kitty photos of Bento and Yuki because they were being cute and quiet (for once).



My increasingly casual outfits for the rest of the week. One could say they also show the progression of my mental and emotional status as well.

After all the work I did in hustling departments to get product out for today’s deadline the end result was 0. Nothing went out today, hence the double of Cardhu Gold Reserve single malt scotch in my hand in the last photo, which is today. As you can see by the outfit, I just did not GAF at all. I wore a long sleeve tee and jeans to the office. My outfit may or may not have been inspired by my watching lots of Jessica Jones lately on Netflix since her uniform is a black top and light wash jeans. I’m not entirely sure myself, I just knew I had to roll out of bed and throw something on that would get me through this crap day with as little fuss as possible. Everlane and Grana get props for this comfortable and extremely casual outfit.

On the good side, I got my white shirt from Everlane today and it is a keeper. The material is maybe not as thick as the men’s style, but still very substantial. The outline of my navy bra could be seen under it, but barely. I styled it a few different ways and realized it would work as a good offie shirt and as a layer. The only reason why is due to the nature of the fabric.

As my stress mounted this week due to the looming deadline and lack of information I was getting from people, I therapy shopped when I got home. Yesterday after work I also had a drink, sat down and put the PdC pants I’ve wanted into cart and paid for without batting an eye. Every day for the past two weeks I’ve been checking the site – not so much for a sale, but to make sure the pants weren’t going to run out of my size. That kind of panic finally struck me last night: Jen, just get the damn pants, price be damned. I can afford it. So those are on the way as well. Not that we’ll have any nice weather any time soon to make wearing linen pants necessary. The forecast for the upcoming storm has changed countless times, but in the end it went back to possible 5-8 inches of snow again from Tuesday night into Thursday morning. Ugh. The roofers are scheduled for Tuesday morning: yeah, right – I highly doubt it’ll happen and we’ll have to wait for a reschedule for another week. Plus, we still haven’t heard from the Hyundai rep about my warranty work and loaner.

I may be having another double of scotch tonight….


Sorry this is all doom and gloom, but it’s my life right now. It’ll pass…. eventually… I hope… or heads will roll at work.  I am actually excited about getting the PdC pants, but in light of today’s epic failure at work I can’t seem to muster much enthusiasm for anything.

Storms… and more storms

Z took both of these photos for me. He took 7 shots waiting for Yuki to get into frame with me for Monday’s outfit.

For today, I wore my Everlane men’s Japanese oxford shirt. I don’t think they have them anymore on the site (unless you just buy the men’s one, which is still there because I think it’s the same thing), but it was touted as the women’s version of a men’s shirt, but… Japanese style? I don’t get it. Anyway, the fabric is very thick and perfect for wearing in cool weather. It would be way too hot to wear in the summer outdoors due to the thick cotton, but that’s exactly why I like it. For a light colored shirt, it’s totally opaque. That’s another reason why I’ve strayed away from white shirts, I hate how sheer most of them are – even solid cotton ones. This does have a grey stripe in it so it’s not totally white, but it’s the lightest colored button down shirt I own. The solid white one I ordered is in this same fabric and I think it’s the only way I could tolerate a white shirt – it feels sturdy and even if I do get a little make up on it, I think I could scrub it out because the weave of this shirt feels like it could take a beating. I also like that it’s not the light, crisp cotton. I could iron this shirt and make it look a little neater, but it looks slightly better crumpled, in the same way that linen looks better after being worn a bit.

So, to rewind a bit – we’ve been having a shit week – since the storm hit last Wednesday.

Wednesday: A foot of snow and a branch punctures a hole in our garage roof.
Thursday: I find out at work that even with a two week extension, only 1 out of 6 orders will be shipped on time to the client next week and I find out we are running a week and a half behind schedule. Cue my panic attack and about to lose my shit while waiting for slow ass GM to “get me answers” (which he never did). While driving home I was at a red light and my car suddenly starts violently shaking and making a strange squeaking sound like some animal is trapped in the engine.
Friday: I drive husband’s car to work (his beater car, not the Mustang) and he stays home to deal with insurance adjuster/ roofing /landscape/ garage door contractors and schedule my car appointment.
Saturday: 7 fucking am in the morning there’s knocking on our door and the tree company is there to take the branch down from the roof. At noon some contractor who works with the tree company showed up with his son to put a tarp on our roof. Both Z and I were exhausted the whole day.
Sunday: We relaxed, finally.
Monday: Drive my scary loud car to work. I’m running all around the shop floor, busting balls left, right and center to get up to 4 orders ready to ship for Friday. I’m still pissed it won’t be all six because technically it should, but there’s nothing I can do about that now. Drop my car off at the dealership for some known recall issues and to find out what the heck is going on with the engine.
Today: Z stays home again because I have his car and the Mustang was still trapped in the garage until around noon when the garage door company came and fixed it. I’m still busting balls at work and following the slower orders like a hawk. I got text updates from Z about the garage door being fixed and the dealership being a bunch of jerks about my car. Z asks to speak to another tech, who realized what the problem is, confirms it (which btw, is a problem my husband looked up because he’s a car geek and totally knew what the diagnosis was going to be before we even took it in), calls Z back and yep… I’m getting a new engine. It’s exactly what we knew the problem would be due to the symptoms being exactly as described: from 2012 – 2014 there was a known issue with engines put in Elantras that basically caused them to not function properly and eat themselves. Metal would break off in the engine due to bad bearings and other bad parts and metal would gather in the engine while running and cause them to break down entirely. Mine is a 2013 so it’s firmly in that engine problem time period. Luckily, I am still under warranty and sometime tomorrow the warranty work and my loaner should be approved by Hyundai.

I’ve no idea how long it’s going to take to fix my car, but at least I’m getting a loaner (I think? I hope. I don’t have that coverage with my insurance, but since this is a known issue – although not recalled – maybe they just do it as a courtesy).

All of this in time for… another snow storm to show up next week AND while we have visitors from our biggest client. Plus boss and others are going to another conference next week so I will be the only one in Business Development in house. AND I need to continuously be on top of ALL the upcoming orders for my client because of the current delay, which will cause a ripple effect of lateness (unless I tear their balls off entirely) with subsequent orders. I was trying to avoid all of this from the beginning, hence why I got the extensions, yada yada, same shit different day….


Tonight Z and I said “fuck it” to all this crap and drove to the city to our favorite ramen restaurant in Chinatown. There is nothing more comforting to me than a big bowl of hot, super flavorful tonkotsu broth, melt-in-your-mouth chunky pork belly slices, fat egg noodles and soy sauce seasoned soft boiled eggs on a cold night. The restaurant we go to is the most popular one in the city, Terakawa. At 7 pm on Tuesday night there was a line out the door and a 30 minute wait – that’s how good it is. It’s a tiny restaurant where everyone bumps into each other and pack in like sardines at tiny tables with tiny stools. It’s loud and hot and you have to yell to make the person sitting across from you hear you, but it smells delicious from the second you walk in and it always makes me smile to hear the staff behind the tiny bar counter loudly yell out, “rasshai!” to everyone who walks in the door. [ Irasshai いらっしゃい or rasshai – more rough version –  means “welcome, come on in” in Japanese (very informally) and is commonly heard in restaurants or retail where the staff are super friendly and casual.]

Afterwards, we waddled around Chinatown with our bellies full of broth and hit up a few of the bakeries to find treats to take home. We settled on chocolate mousse slices and I got a strawberry pastry for tomorrow. I also got a charshu onigiri from the restaurant because it’s the ultimate comfort food of seasoned pork (charshu) in a seasoned rice ball wrapped in nori and I’ll need it for work tomorrow.