SnB: VS update: episode 18

Reminder: I post more about fashion/outfits on this blog, but I am first and foremost an otaku. I love my anime shows and manga. Maybe I should change the format of the blog to magazine so people can choose what categories to read? I'm not sure since I really don't post too much about anime/manga... Continue Reading →

Anime Slang Fail

Game of Thrones started up again on Sunday night. So naturally my FB feed explodes with GoT posts and memes again - from all my friends because I am one of the minority who doesn't watch the show. (I watched the first 4 seasons and then gave up because I found it boring.) I noticed... Continue Reading →

Netflix “anime”, Castlevania

To call this production an anime is a not even a bit of a stretch. It's a 100 foot long broken, stretched out bungee cord kind of stretch, which to say it's not really an anime at all. It may have some anime style elements, but that's more owing to the original designs the show... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017 Anime Season

A few thoughts on what's available so far.... Dive! - I'd rather just re-watch Free! Princess Principal - Not bad. The teens-as-spies has been done to almost an annoying degree, but so far I'm digging the weird steampunk-victorian-Berlin-wall-schtick the show's got going on. May give this a few more episodes. Hitorijime My Hero - Had... Continue Reading →

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (The Royal Tutor)

This show. It's almost got me wanting to read the manga now. My thoughts here will mostly revolve about the finale, so most likely spoilers ahead.....   Anime endings on shows that follow a manga are tricky. More often than not lately the show just ends without any conclusion. When the production staff on a... Continue Reading →

Spring 2017 Anime Season

The spring season is almost at an end. I've been rather frustrated by the lack of decent offerings and while there were standouts and favorites, I find I'm not watching nearly as many shows as I used to for this time of year. Mild spoilers ahead on some of these. AoT2 was definitely on my... Continue Reading →

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