The need for nothing

Happy New Year. Winter is here and so is my Busy Season.

winter white


I think this is the first year in a long time that I did not get one single item of clothing for Christmas or purchase clothing between Christmas and New Year’s.

That’s not a bad thing.

After the failed ban last year and my splurges on the latter half of 2019 I feel like something’s clicked. Sure there are some things I’d like, but when I’ve actively gone out looking for them I end up leaving empty-handed with an “eh” kinda feeling. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t buy something later, but right now I’m liking my devil-may-care attitude that I don’t need anything.

Despite the few things that I think I may like, I’m quite stable and happy with what I have and rotate out everything regularly. Granted, it’s been a mild winter so far, which may be factoring into why I’m ok with everything as is.

So far this year I have made other purchases than clothing. I bought new pillows and am waiting for them to arrive. They are nice hotel-style pillows so they were more expensive than the average pillow. Although I’m not entirely certain what “average” pricing is for a pillow since I’ve not bought any in several years. $20? $30? The ones I got were on sale. Hopefully they’ll work out for me.

I’m also waiting on a new desk. I’ve been journal writing a lot more lately and want to set up a proper space for myself to write. I got a Polaroid mobile printer for Christmas that makes little picture stickers from photos on my phone (or photos I took with my camera that are on my phone via iCloud…) Having little 2×3 photos to add to my journal entries is nice. It’s like adding photos to a blog, but I’m literally adding them to my private journal. For a while I thought: then why don’t I just blog more? Well, I realized I need a place to write strictly for myself. Adding some visuals helps keep me motivated. Also, I bought a ton of stickers. I don’t even care how silly it is that a 44 year old woman picks out stickers to add to her journal entries. Even when I write about depressing or angering things there’s something hilarious about adding a frowny face sticker or stickers of clouds to put the reality of what I’m writing into perspective. And that’s what I think I need more than anything else. Put it down – outside of myself – but don’t try to treat any of it like the end of the world.

I’m in for a whole world of hurt coming up at work. It’ll be hell for at least two months and I think I’m mentally preparing myself by creating a safe haven for myself to write and keep my sanity.

I have realized one thing so far this year – I already spend way too much money on Amazon purchases. It’s too easy because I have prime membership. That’ll be something to curb this year. In order to do so I think I’ll do monthly spending tracking posts. That ought to be rather eye-opening.

I do need to buy a chair for my new desk. Right now my desk is a ten year old IKEA Ingo dining room table. My current “chair” is an Ikea storage ottoman with a pillow on top for added cushioning. Once I get the new desk with a better height for writing I’ll definitely need a better chair. Any suggestions? While I know a computer chair is the standard, I’m more open to other options. Also, I’m trying to stay away from getting a black chair.


1 thought on “The need for nothing”

  1. In medical school, the libraries had Herman Miller aeron desk chairs. Quite expensive, but I recall sitting very comfortably for many hours a day in those things. I think it’s worth it if you plan to use it often. The steelcase chairs are also very good and adjustable in every direction.


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