Cool weather formula


I’ve fallen into a safe uniform formula for the cooler weather lately. A lightweight sweater and pant with a cardigan or wool jacket if I need a layer for going outside.

The photo with the beer is from today. It’s been Hell Week at work, which I knew was going to happen. Why? Because I’m going on vacation for two weeks, so OF COURSE I would get in ALL the customer POs for the last quarter push and Q120 demands. I leave work each day with a headache due to my eyes flitting from one screen to another, rapidly typing in PO items and then scurrying down to the other building for a conference call.

I’ve been trying to tidy up any and all loose ends before I leave. I don’t like dumping my work on others and by the same token I don’t want to be told nothing got done because I wasn’t there (which wouldn’t surprise me – it seems to be the status quo….). If I don’t sit on a project, it rarely  moves as quickly as it should, which always worries me. But this time, I’m done. After tomorrow I’m shutting off all notifications and not taking any calls. Z and I haven’t had a proper vacation in nearly 3 years. WE. NEED. THIS.

2 thoughts on “Cool weather formula”

  1. Have fun on your vacation! I also had a terribly and unusually busy week before my recent vacation, I felt like I was holding on for dear life to make it to my departure date.

    It has not started cooling down for real yet here in NYC, and I wish the cool weather would come back sooner.


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