Thank you...

Thank you…GTNP tee shirt


This bamboo and cotton blend shirt was bought from the Grand Teton Visitor Center in 2010. Proceeds from all purchases in national park visitor centers go towards upkeep and maintenance of the parks. There were many colors of the shirt and I wanted to get the red and orange ones as well, but this strange heather blue one appealed to me the most.


Over the years I’ve worn this tee as a regular daytime tee, a workout tee, and most recently a nighttime tee. The fabric has softened greatly and despite the little pills and fading, it’s still holding up strong.

When I wore this tee during the day and used a lot more antiperspirant at the time it had horrible pit stains. I soaked the tee in oxyclean and that took the stains out. Shortly after I started wearing it to bed and not had stains since.


“The appreciation of landscapes comes only when one is alive to both its beauty and its meaning.” The main reason I bought this tee was for the picture of a moose and mountains. Z and I were really excited to see several moose on our trip and the mountains there are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.


This is the most comfortable tee I own.

1 thought on “Thank you…GTNP tee shirt”

  1. Old tee shirts are the best. I’m enjoying this thank you series. It’s nice to see someone talking about clothes that aren’t the newest, shiniest thing.


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