Days with no meaning

tuckrainy daytuesday?catsnope

The last photo shows my mood of this week: NOPE. It’s been insanity at work. Days are blurring together as nothing but work and deadlines and projects seem to crowd my view. We just hired someone to help me, but the extra time it takes to get her up to speed is only doubling the time it takes me to get stuff done. I know it shouldn’t be a hindrance and she’s aware of it, but I still feel like I’ve got an anchor attached to my leg, slowing me down. The Florida vacation from the beginning of the month feels like a distant memory from many years ago instead of 3 weeks. I’m ready for another break and summer time is our slow season.

The second to last photo is of a new linen shirt I got from Noisy Forest on Etsy. I like the style of it, but the fabric is a bit disappointing. The listing said medium weight linen and it feels no different than a Uniqlo linen shirt, which is lightweight. I bought it as an option for wearing for formal/business events, but it can also be casual if I don’t iron it as shown above. I am keeping it, but as a general note, I wouldn’t buy from them again. The shirt is the most lightweight of all medium weight linens I’ve gotten from Etsy.

I really need to take my shoes in to the local cobbler for fixing. My Frye shoes should be resoled and my Jil Sander shoes are coming apart where the rubber sole is glued to the leather upper.

I’ve been buying several items lately – gearing up for what I hope to be a several years long project. I’m planning to do another shopping ban, but not really calling it a ban. I don’t like the idea of putting a ban on myself or what I can do, so I’m calling it a project with a goal: see how long I can go without buying any clothes or shoes. It’s not just for one year, but for as many years as possible. I guess it’s a challenge, which I find more appealing than a ban, which has negative connotations. I’m not one of those people who can live off 20 items for a year, mostly because the seasonal changes here make that impossible. So I’m filling in the gaps now so to speak. I still have a few things to get, but the list is small. Much smaller than I thought it would be. I may even start the challenge before the end of this year. I find starting events during the New Year a bit anti-climactic and nerve-wracking because I’m usually a mess on NYD – not from being hung over, but from never fully preparing myself for that day since so many other things happen around the holidays in general.



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