Headless to blur

yohjinpl shirtsaturdaysunday

When I take photos, I usually crop the head off. I’m wondering if maybe seeing my hair will help me assess the outfit better because one’s hairstyle can affect the way an outfit looks. I noticed that recently with the pinterest photos of outfits I’ve been liking a lot. So maybe I’ll do a face blur in the meantime? What do you think? Does having a full photo set the tone for the full ensemble or are headless photos better for focusing on the clothes themselves?

In other news I’ve started getting in some of the linen clothes I bought. In the photos above the light brown short sleeve and the green cami are from NotPerfectLinen.  The short sleeve shirt color is labeled as “taupe” by NPL, but to me it’s more of a light brown or tan color. I’m not sure I’d call it taupe per se. So when I got it I was a little disappointed and wishing I’d gotten the mauve color instead. However, I’ve gotten used to the taupe after wearing it a couple days. I thought the color would wash me out too much and make me look like a zombie, but that’s not the case. I still might consider dying it in the future.

The cami is “forest green” according to NPL. It really amuses me what some people consider to be certain colors. I would not call this forest green in the slightest. To me, forest green is deep and dark green. I think what I ordered is more sage and so I had that in  mind when I bought it and I’m good with the color. The arm pit holes are a bit higher up than I’d like but I do appreciate the full coverage despite this being a v-neck cami. I can lean over and not really flash much. I’m not wearing a bra with this and don’t intend to. I don’t have strapless bras because I don’t  like how they feel at all and I’m not keen on using some sort of synthetic nipple covers.

So far the NPL items are nice, but a bit itchy. I’ll be washing them quite a bit until they soften up. They are medium weight linen, but compared to the KnockKnockLinen shirt I have, they feel a bit lighter so maybe that’s why they are more itchy. I never noticed any itchy break-in period with the KKL shirt.

I’m wearing the bottom outfit now because we are going out to a friend’s BBQ in a couple hours. It’s all outside and it’ll be hot today – 92F. I ordered these linen shirts as summer pieces, but I can easily see using the collared short sleeve under a sweater in cooler weather. I had thought I’d wear the cami as a night shirt as well, but I’ll have to get past the itchy stage first before I can sleep in it.

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