Thank you...

Thank you…

grey hoodie

… grey hoodie I bought at Target so long ago I can’t even remember. It has to be at least 5 years, but is probably closer to 10.


I bought it at a time when I was much heavier, so I got the medium, but even back then it felt too tight and I was almost sad I’d bought it. I think that was the first time an item from Target felt small when usually their sizing is ridiculously big – even the smalls. The sizing on it is a bit different because it’s meant to be one of those fitted styles and I was always used to wearing loose styled hoodies in the past. Now, it fits perfectly – like a “small” on me.


Aside from it being oddly fitted, the cuffs are rather long. I couldn’t easily scrunch them up my arms when I need to, but eventually I got used to that too, especially after I lost weight and the sleeves felt loose. The snag in the above photo has been on the hoodie for many years. It’s always looked like that. I used to always catch it on the zipper, but I’ve not done it in a long time.


Even the pockets are awkward. They are very small and not really meant for holding anything, even my hands when I ball them into fists to fit inside. I stopped carrying around objects in the pockets because they would always fall out and my phone has crashed on the floor far too many times.


It was an impulse purchase because I’d gotten rid of my old hoodie (my old one was orange ranged in age near ten years of wear as well). I wanted a grey hoodie, so I bought one without much thought back then.

However, I wear this hoodie almost every day. I wear it for a few hours at night after I’ve showered because my night shirt alone isn’t warm enough in the winter. I wear it for sometimes half a day on Saturdays and Sundays. I wear it all day long when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable/depressed/tired/lazy and especially when I’m sick. I’ve gotten used to its weird shape, the not-so-fitted sleeves (anymore – it’s a reminder for me to keep my weight in check), the tiny pockets that I’ve conditioned my hands to ball up in, and the zipper that never fails – even when it used to snag the sleeve. It’s become a comfort item for me, like Linus’s blue blanket from the Peanuts gang. I intend to keep using it for many years to come.

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