Over cashmere


Banana Republic cashmere sweater – Sacai Luck wool pant – Jil Sander shoes

Remember this pant from last winter? They are incredibly warm and I like how they are mostly lined (down to the knee). It’s time to break them out again.

I was gifted this sweater for Christmas and while it is nice, I’m really not a fan of cashmere in general. I don’t like fabric that’s fussy for washing. Even though 90% of my clothes should be dry cleaned, I throw them in the wash on delicate and hang or flat dry. I’ve always been able to make my clothes work out for me after washing, despite most of their finicky instructions and fabrics. However, cashmere never works out. I delicate wash cold, flat dry and it still shrivels on me and I have to stretch it out. The sleeves of this sweater are annoying now. They cling on to me and while I understand the style in general is meant to be form-fitting the sleeves are too tight. I hate seeing the elbow dimples on this sweater when I take it off.

I’m also very annoyed with how common cashmere sweaters are now. Everlane only seems to have cashmere or their “luxe wool” aka super thin merino that tears easily and also shrinks easily even with cold wash. When I look on TRR, it’s mostly cashmere as well. I can’t count how many times I’ve found a nice looking sweater but then wrinkled my nose and closed out the browsing window because I found out it’s cashmere. I much prefer wool blends.

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