On not needing things other than clothes


Y’s turtleneck – Everlane sweater – The Row pant – Jil Sander shoes

I’m realizing that while I kept saying I don’t need any more clothes that it’s not stopping me from buying other things I don’t need now. I’m replacing one habit with another. Now, it’s buying new bedding or having ten flavors of honey as options for whatever tea I’m drinking in the office (my current favorite is chestnut tea). This isn’t really solving the issue at all and while I am picking up my exercise routine as much as I can, I need to be more aware of stopping myself from buying other things simply because I can.

If anything, I need to be saving the money I’m not spending on clothes to use for bigger house projects like us wanting to get new floors and update the bathroom and change out the kitchen counter tops and repaving the driveway, etc… I need to look at it as a challenge on how I can save up the money to do these things rather than shrug it off and buy another expensive piece of clothing.

4 thoughts on “On not needing things other than clothes”

    1. No not yet, but I’ve been thinking I should just open another savings account since I know the money will be used for larger house projects eventually. If it’s all in there and my checking shows less, then I’ll be less inclined to buy stuff in general – no matter what it is. I simply need a way to divert the money being spent. It will get spent eventually on house projects, but that doesn’t bother me as much as buying so many little things now.
      The necklace was a gift from a very good friend. It’s by Mejuri and is the Libra constellation.


  1. I am frequently guilty of this. Have you looked at You Need a Budget? I think it’s really helpful to plan for spending every dollar (even if some of that “spending” is diverting income to savings) because it confronts you with deviations from your plans as you go (rather than adding everything up at the end of the month as I’d otherwise be inclined to do, or ignoring it altogether and then wondering why I never have anything in my savings account). There’s a “stuff I didn’t budget for” category that I find useful, too – both in terms of having something ready for things that are truly unforeseeing (which I can then use to better plan/budget going forward) and for allowing for a little bit of impluse spending without suffering (as much) derailment. I’m not naturally good with money and far too comfortable with buying on credit, but this has been helpful and sustainable in ways that few other things have before. You could probably do this with a straight spreadsheet, too, and have better control/privacy, but the portability and functionality of the app serves me especially well.


    1. I’ve heard of YNAB, but I’m not keen on paying for it. I have Mint, where all my accounts are and that has a budget area so if I felt like I needed to set one up, I’d do it on a free platform like that. Plus, it’s convenient because it’s already got all my accounts and can show me where my spending goes, etc…
      However, in general I don’t think the problem is budgeting. I’m very good with putting money into savings. I have it set to automatic and it’s not even counted in my general expenses anymore. I have money that automatically goes straight from paycheck to savings/Roth IRA/etc… so I’m not worried at all on that front. I think it’s more of me changing my habit of spending. I need to stop the knee-jerk reaction of being able to spend money simply because I can since I know my finances are in a good enough state to do so. I’ve been thinking I need another place to divert my money and that might be with an additional online savings account (aside from the one I already have) and use that account for bigger projects, like all the house ones. Then I’ll see that I don’t have as much to spend each month in my regular checking and be more mindful of not spending simply because I can. I’m OCD when it comes to keeping a set amount in my checking – now that I’ve learned that habit (thanks to my husband). So keeping myself at the edge of that will help curb me to a degree until I get used to the fact that I simply don’t need to spend so much.


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