Ren Faire attire

green and black

Acne Studios sweater – Vince turtleneck – Yohji Yamamoto skirt – Lems boots

I thought I would be warm enough for Ren Faire in this outfit, but I clearly underestimated the weather and the fact that I’m getting older. Luckily, a friend of mine had one of those huge velvet capes she didn’t want to wear because she was overheating in it and I ended up wearing that cape the entire time. I even had the hood up on it.


I am so incredibly thankful for my friend who showed up and didn’t need this. I would’ve been miserable and cold the whole time without it. And of course, I fit right in with all the other caped people wandering the Faire.

But getting back to my original outfit – I’ve clearly got a thing for black and green now. I want ALL THE GREEN (but only in that specific shade of green) to wear with all of my black and as regular readers know – I love my black clothes and have many. The YY skirt is the latest edition I just received the day before the Faire. It’s all wool except for two patches of velvet and it’s got panels so when I swing around it’s very full. It’s heavy and warm and I love it and I don’t care that no one really wears full skirts like this anymore. This skirt will be a winter staple.

I’m also patting myself on the back for wearing my Lems boots that I don’t care if they get muddy or beat to shit because while most of the Faire was paved, some areas were a bit muddy due to all the rain we’ve had lately.

3 thoughts on “Ren Faire attire”

    1. It made me want my own, but only for going to Ren Faires – otherwise I wouldn’t really have a need for it. But I guess I could wear it just for the what-the-hell-is-she-wearing-that-for freak factor. 😉

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