On not being able to dress for any weather, inside or out


Journal Standard linen jacket – Everlane shirt – Rachel Comey Menace Pant – Nisolo shoes

The AC was cranked today to help keep the humidity down from the flooding yesterday. I wasn’t planning on it, but ended up wearing my jacket all day. When I went outside for a couple walks I was hot due to the humid, warm weather, but then shocked right back into huddle mode when I got inside. The kitchen also smells really badly of mildew and apparently half the walls are being replaced due to water damage. But here’s the weird thing, they are cutting the wall on a quarter of the way up from the floor and replacing only that section. It’s really weird and frustrating. The industrial dehumidifiers and fans whirring in the office and on the shop floor all day meant everyone was shouting above each other and I left work with a pounding headache.

The Shop Yohji Yamamoto is open and I’ve been drooling over so many things. I’ve been looking forward to the Ground Y collections and am now picking out items for a wishlist. Btw, nearly all the items are unisex….

This “fluttering dress”/ cardigan is gorgeous.

This turtleneck top/dress looks really comfortable and I could see myself living in it all the time.

This skirt/poncho = swoon.

These gabardine hakama pant and wrap dress look perfect to combine.

This no-sleeve vintage crepe de chine vest dress drapes gorgeously (and looks so much better on the male model in the product shots).

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