Road trip


Yohji Yamamoto pin-stripe suit – Express top – Jil Sander shoes

I went on a road trip to visit a client location for a new project with my boss. Being in the car with him for that long was amusing to say the least. The visit itself was short, but I finally got to face time with someone I normally only have email communication with, which was nice…. I’ll admit though, sometimes I just don’t want to know who is on the other side of the screen.

Sometimes people can come across very differently when doing business across a computer screen versus in person. My gut feeling on this one was spot on though, which was later proved correct during another instance later in the week. My senior, who was on the email chain that confirmed my general feeling on this customer, immediately rang me up to laugh about it because he knew. It’s at least nice to know I’ve got people in my corner at work.

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