Holidays always throw me off. It doesn’t help that I’m not feeling very well today.  My stomach has decided it doesn’t like anything so that makes eating a bit problematic. I’m hoping I’ll be better by the time I have work tomorrow. I don’t want to be in recovery mode and exhausted at work.

Saturday I did manage to get a lot of yard work done. I finished cleaning up the front flower bed, put down mulch and Z installed a light in my Japanese lantern he bought me for my birthday last year. It’s almost been a full since since I got it and we are just now putting a light in it! We also bought some other pathway lights for the front. They do look nice, but I’d rather them all be Japanese lanterns, which would make for an expensive front area for the house. I’ll save up for them one at a time.

I’m always playing catch-up on previous week outfits, so I won’t even bother with what day I wore things. I do post them in the order of the week though.

YY outfit: top and bottom by Yohji-sama, Nisolo shoes.


Yesstyle chinese shirt, YY pant, Lems shoes.


Everlane top, Won Hundred pant, Adidas shoes.


Today’s outfit is lounge-schleppy. Old, stained Everlane top, sweatpants from Grand Teton Nat’l Park, Fog Linen slippers.


It’s funny that Gretchen posted about plants and I’d been thinking of doing the same. Maybe I’ll try to do some plant updates. There’s a caladium and schefflera in the photos above and I’ve got a dracaena plant on the desk where I’m writing.

On the coffee table I’ve got an elephant bush, which seems to be ok, but it’s not as full as when I first got it. There’s also a “dry” terrarium that gets a spritz of water occasionally and my little jade plant.

elephant bush

Japanese Aralia also in the living room in the dark corner where it gets lots of shaded indirect light. It seems happy there after I read about it. I make sure to water it a lot and mist it with a spray bottle.

japanese aralia

Croton in the dining room where there’s direct western sunlight towards the end of the day. I’m hoping that’s enough light to keep the colors vibrant on it.


String of pearls also in the dining room. I don’t think I’ve watered this since I bought it several weeks ago, but it doesn’t seem to need it. The top is so full of pearls the soil is still the slightest bit damp from the nursery where I got it. There’s also growth on it so I guess it’s happy. I was planning on hanging it today and even have the macrame hanger for it, but Z wants to get the right kind of hook to hang in plaster since our house is old.

string of pearls

I have two cacti and another jade plant on the window sill in the kitchen. They get direct east sunlight and seem to do well there. There’s also two pothos plants upstairs where there’s less light.


Bonus photo of this little shit (Bento) being cute. He’s such a demonic little terror and has been on the rampage, beating the crap out of Yuki all weekend.


1 thought on “It’s…Monday?”

  1. Love the subdued natural light in your home. That dark plant on the window sill is really nice. I’ve been keeping my eye out for plants with rounded edges (as opposed to sharp / pointy shapes). I think they create a more peaceful and calm atmosphere.

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