Used shoes

linenJil Sander

Knock Knock Linen top – Won Hundred Pant – Jil Sander shoes

I bought several things that arrived the Friday I flew to Florida and arrived later during the following week while I was away. They were clothes I was supposed to try out and possibly take with me for a business conference I was to attend, but suddenly had to cancel due to my dad’s death. These shoes were for the conference. I found a simple pair of black slip-ons that had a faux oxford look to them on TRR.

After reading Talia’s post about having bad luck with second hand shoes I wondered if I was running too much of a risk with all the used ones I had in my favorites on TRR. I’ve already bought one other pair of used Jil Sander shoes that have worked out so hopefully these would too. And they do work wonderfully. Sure, there’s a bit more of a crease on them than I liked when I initially got them, but then I had to say to myself: so what – I’d end up putting the crease in the vamp part anyway myself from wearing them so often. Also, having someone else break in the shoes for me is always a win in my book. These are definitely broken in, but still look great. I’ve lucked out and am 2 for 2 so far with used shoes. *fingers crossed my luck stays that way*