Used shoes

Knock Knock Linen top - Won Hundred Pant - Jil Sander shoes I bought several things that arrived the Friday I flew to Florida and arrived later during the following week while I was away. They were clothes I was supposed to try out and possibly take with me for a business conference I was... Continue Reading →

I’m really only 17

Rosen linen top - Won Hundred pant - Dries Van Noten shoes At the end of my week in Florida I was anxious to get home. I wanted to see Z and get back to a normal life - anything to keep me from going bonkers and getting depressed and having chest pains from anxiety.... Continue Reading →

Finding comfort in repeats

Yesstyle linen top - Y's Pant - Nisolo shoes. I wear this outfit a lot and it's become one of my uniforms. I may change out the shoes, but the top and pant are always the same. It simply works. Although here's a fun fact - the stripes are actually navy.

A new approach

I have been under tremendous amounts of anxiety and stress lately. I don't wish to go into a lot of detail, but there are two main things I will disclose: My  100% innocent mother was charged and found guilty of conspiring in a crime she didn't commit and may potentially face life in prison. This... Continue Reading →


Holidays always throw me off. It doesn't help that I'm not feeling very well today.  My stomach has decided it doesn't like anything so that makes eating a bit problematic. I'm hoping I'll be better by the time I have work tomorrow. I don't want to be in recovery mode and exhausted at work. Saturday I... Continue Reading →

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