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Near the limit

It’s hot. I hate.

Friday: Ann Demeulemeester top, Pas de Calais pant, Lems shoes.


Monday: Yesstyle linen top, Won Hundred pant, Jil Sander shoes.


Tuesday: Rosen linen top, YY skirt, Dries Van Noten shoes.


I think I’m nearing the point at which I’m comfortable with the size of my wardrobe. I have a few other items I want to get but then I might consider a clothing ban. I didn’t say shopping ban, but a clothing one because I don’t think I need much more. Items I still want to get:

  • Dress shirts for conferences/ client meetings – because this is going to be a thing I have to do now for my job and I need to be prepared.
  • Still on the hunt for black oxfords.
  • New pair of pumps for conferences/formal events…. maybe. I can make do with the wedges I have but wearing them all day isn’t ideal.
  • Sweater to replace one I am donating. I know which one I want as well, it’s just a matter of when I buy it.
  • YY shirt (used, available at Rakuten) that’s been on my wishlist for ages and I don’t know why I haven’t gotten it yet.
  • Rosen Hakama pant – because I’ve been obsessing about those as well for a long time and I should just bite the bullet. They will be my token super wide leg pant.

Over this past weekend I looked through pages and pages of tops on TRR. I “liked” several of them and then when I went back to look at what I liked, I noticed a weird trend:

  • I like baroque, but don’t want to wear it. I’m totally attracted to big, ruffly sleeves at the cuffs and/or shoulders, lots of buttons that would be a total pain in the ass to button/unbutton and lots of darting – everywhere – front, back, sleeves… ALL the darting to create a fitted silhouette. The likelihood of me buying stuff like that and wearing it is next to nil. Note: elastic ruffled cuffs are still fugly to me.
  • I find Tory Burch boring as all hell. There’s a ton of her tops on TRR.
  • Hobo/peasant style tops repulse me for some reason and this probably goes into why I don’t like Tory Burch clothes. There’s a plethora of that style made by her.
  • I love all the wild color combinations of Diane Von Furstenberg and Missoni, but I would never wear them. Also, DVF has a thing for making wrap shirts that look really nice, but make me wonder how practical they are for wearing in the office.
  • I do like V neck shirts, but can’t wear them that low in the office.
  • I still gravitate to grey. I will always love grey.
  • MY KINGDOM FOR A DEEP FOREST GREEN SHIRT. Why are they all that boring, muted olive/army green??!
  • There are a LOT of silk shirts on TRR, but are any of them good quality? I am loathe to buy a silk shirt because I keep thinking of the Everlane one I had that was kinda crap to begin with due to being so thin.
  • I do not like red or yellow. I am slightly attracted to red in a pattern, but as a whole, it doesn’t do anything for me. I’m also attracted to browns, but then feel weird when I wear them so I usually stay away from those as well.

2 thoughts on “Near the limit”

  1. There is so, so much Tory Burch on TheRealReal. It works out for me because it ends up being well-priced, and she does occasionally make something that I like for work! (A lot of her stuff is… not right for me though, I find some of those prints very strange.) If the DVF wrap dress I have is anything to go by, those wrap tops won’t be practical for the office either. I’m not sure how the dresses were so famous for a while in the mid-to-late 2000s as they’re extraordinarily fussy, and while my body shape is a bit of an outlier, it’s not that much of one.

    With silk shirts, I’ve bought Equipment from TheRealReal, but I honestly can’t say for sure that I can pick out that much difference between it and Everlane/Madewell/Grana-ish. (I’m super not-discerning though.) I find that silk texture can seemingly change after laundering (some shirts have felt “different” after handwashing and line drying, it might or might not have gone back to normal after I took it to the dry cleaner, maybe?) so I’d generally be nervous about buying silk secondhand unless it was in person. I tend to get a lot of weird difficulties with laundering silk that other people don’t seem to have, haha.


    1. In general I’m not a fan of silk, but I am willing to get a good silk shirt for the times I will need it like conferences or client meetings. There is a certain classic look to them in the right cut that makes them appropriate for such occasions. I did just buy one by Helmut Lang and I’m hoping the quality is better than what I had before. I’ve heard that Equipment shirts are good, but I’m kinda overwhelmed by how much they have made in silk. Something about it doesn’t sit well with me, but I can’t put my finger on it.
      I’ve had the same issue with laundering silk, which I know in general is a no-no and they should be dry cleaned. However, I’m too lazy to send stuff to the dry cleaners and hate the idea of paying for clothes to be laundered.


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