Bright Lights

I feel like my outfits have had a sort of running theme this week, but I’m not sure how to put it into words. I’ve been comfortable each day, which is good considering the craziness that’s been going on at work.

Monday: Everlane top, Won Hundred pant, Nisolo shoes. Yep, I am wearing the Nisolos again. They sat in the box in the basement for my “Eventually I will get around to selling these…. some day” area. Once I got the shoe stretchers I thought: screw it, do it. So I stretched them out over the weekend. While the heel portion is definitely better the toes, even while widened, still cramp just a tiny bit. I may try stretching them some more this weekend. I can wear them all day and not be uncomfortable, but they could be better. I also want to change out the shoe laces, which are a weird beige-taupe-green color that seems odd.


Tuesday: My favorite stand-by outfit – Yesstyle linen shirt, YY pant, Nisolo shoes. No matter what I feel put together in this outfit even though the top is more casual than should be appropriate for work. (I get away with it and no one complains.)


Wednesday: Another easy one. My favorite old black top and Rachel Comey Menace pant with Dries Van Noten shoes. The Dries shoes are amazingly more comfortable now they’ve been stretched. The leather has a lot more structure to it than the Nisolos and isn’t nearly as soft, but I can tell that in time these will be favorite go-to shoes in the same way my Frye ones are now. Also, I’m panicking about having to replace this top. It’s a fast fashion one and it’s a staple and I love it but it’s super beat up and there are white-ish pit stains from deodorant under the arms. I may see if I can oxyclean those out.


Thursday: Feeling very “what is the point of this day” and it was so incredibly nice outside I was cursing every moment I had to be indoors. Knock Knock Linen top, YY pant, Frye shoes.


Tonight Z and I are going to head to our old stomping grounds in the city for dinner (a dive sushi place in a half-basement cafe on a corner that we love) and then see Interpol play.

It’s been a weird week, but a productive one. Last weekend after reading Archana’s post, I binged on buying plants and have 5 new ones I’m not sure I can take care of, but damnit I will try. I’ve already moved one several times to get better lighting for it.

Also, I forget where I read it, but someone I follow recently talked about going without deodorant and I realized that the older I’ve gotten the less deodorant I need to use. Or maybe I’m just not nervous sweating like crazy as much as I used to? I dunno, but I tried an experiment this week where I’ve not gone with any deodorant at all this week. I normally wear antiperspirant, which I think is even more damaging to fabrics and maybe even myself, but it’s what I’ve always done and never questioned. Verdict? Well the weather was mild this week so it’s not been too much an issue and any stress sweating I did at work didn’t leave me smelly although I panicked a bit on Wednesday because I felt wet under my arms and thought for sure I’d stink to high hell. Nope. After work on Monday and Tuesday I attacked the flower bed out front that had been taken over by crap grass and even with sweating up a storm that way I still didn’t smell bad. I do know I can have stinky sweat but maybe it’s not as bad now? I’m really confused on it or maybe I need to wait until the 90 degree weather hits next week to know if going without is ultimately a good idea. Also, I’ve not worn overly tight clothing, which would definitely be a good litmus test for this.

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