Because black


Monday: Rosen top, YY skirt/pants, Eileen Fisher slides.

The AC crapped out on the hottest day of the week. Luckily, I was still comfortable in my flowy linen top and skirt pants. It was very odd how the AC only stopped in some areas and I found out we have a lot of AC units. The front offices were hot, the post production area was frigid, the larger shop area was hot, but the smaller milling area was cold.

I also heard overheard this:

Coworker:  “I see everyone got the black memo today since we are all wearing it. I’m wearing black, and so are X, Y, and Z [coworkers]. Then there’s Jen, but she always wears black….”

I laughed a little at that and it made me all the more aware how comfortable I am wearing black in general. I seem to be accumulating more black items at an alarming rate as well.


Banana Republic top, Pas de Calais pants, Frye shoes.

I wore a sleeveless top, thinking the AC might not be fixed, but it was, so I was frigid for the first half of the day. By late afternoon the AC was having trouble keeping up with the super humid weather outside and the temp started to creep up in the office.

I am still on the hunt for oxfords/brogues. Any recs? I still have the two I showed before on my list, but the Frye ones aren’t budget-friendly at the moment. I have check TRR and Poshmark, but not been impressed with the selection.

Reminder: malls are soul sucking

Thursday I was rushing out the door and by some streak of genius I remembered I had PT and needed to take an outfit photo in the morning. Once I get into PT clothes (workout wear) it’s game over for any nice outfit photos because I become such a sweaty mess. I completely skipped last week’s photos because of that. So I took a quick phone photo in the long mirror in the basement. I wore all blue: denim top, navy pants, navy new (to me, but used from TRR) Jil Sander leather sneakers.


This is what happens when I get distracted from what I want to buy. What I wanted, was a black oxford style shoe. What I bought was a navy leather sneaker (they are actually really comfortable and I’ve worn them all weekend) and an Ann Demeulemeester black button down. I failed, but also won at the same time because I really like both the things I bought, so… it’s a tie?


Friday I wore the JS shoes again (and again on Saturday at a house warming party). They are keepers. My elephant top is so beat up and there are runs all over it when you see it up close, but for some reason I can’t quit this top and that is high praise for it. It’s perfect for warm weather and I always get compliments on it. This was definitely one of those instances where fast fashion wins. friday

Today I went to the mall in search of a bathing suit. I bought two from Target a few years ago and the bottoms of the bikini one had a sort of skirt on it. It was so shredded I was kinda embarrassed to wear it recently when Z and I went lake swimming. I got rid of it as soon as we got home. I wasn’t planning another bathing suit purchase but the father-in-law got a hot tub for Father’s Day and despite it being 90F outside they want us to come over today to go sit in it and have BBQ.

I searched Bloomingdales and Macys and nearly cried at the selection, let alone the fact that my size is mythical (size 4). Bloomingdales only had swim suits for woman who want all of their ass showing and Macys only had swimsuits with ten thousand tags on them saying: Tummy Control! Slimming! Look 10 lbs lighter with this slimming silhouette! (I shit you not on the last one – that was actually written on a tag on a whole rack of bathing suits.) Basically every Macy’s suit was hardcore spanx meant to squeeze the living soul out of anyone who dared wear them – not to mention there were none in my size.

The only time my size becomes available in bathing suits is when they go on sale for the upcoming season – in fucking March. We had 4 snow storms in March so buying a bathing suit wasn’t anywhere on my agenda. But the fact is there are such a limited amount of the small sizes made that even if I went shopping earlier in the season, I’d still be hard pressed to find it. I went into one of the smaller Land’s End shops and an SA tried to help me. I told her finding my size was the hardest part and when I mentioned it to her, she actually grimaced and said, “Well…. there might be one….. somewhere….” I was looking for a two piece, but I don’t like tankinis, which is all they had, so I left.

I checked Nordstrom Rack, but that was also a let down and walked across the whole mall back to where I parked. I did notice something though – half the shops were closed. The particular mall I was at is kinda known for being the “better” mall of a few in a 40 mile radius, but it was really depressing seeing all the junk on display and so many shops closed up. It felt a bit foreboding like –  The End is Nigh for this one. I noticed Macys is doing a Backstage department now that’s sorta like Nordstrom Rack, but for really cheap stuffs that don’t sell regularly at Macys? I don’t know. It just felt like I was walking into an inevitable thrift store of crap no one would want even if it was $1.00.

I did end up finding a bathing suit at a sporting goods store near the mall. The selection was minuscule but it helped me focus on finding something and they actually had my size. I paid a bit more than I would have liked, but the material seems good and will hopefully last longer than the Target swim suits.


Don’t panic- but I wore a dress.



Can we just stop and marvel at the fact that I wore a dress….




Ok, carrying on…

Tuesday: This is the YY pin-stripe dress part of the 3 piece suit I bought. During the morning hours I wore the jacket, but took it off once I got to work and was warm enough throughout the day that I didn’t need it. Not many took much notice of my suit from Monday, but oh-boy, they definitely took note of the dress. I was stopped by so many people I was shocked. Most of them had the same sort of comments: they liked the dress and it was weird/unique/strange. A coworker asked about the pocket on the back, which he noted was very impractical. The intern next to him said it was stylish and I said that’s just how the designer makes his clothes – weird. I mentioned a skirt I had I could wear three ways. When I mentioned I could technically wear the dress the other way around with the pocket in front, he looked at me with that: Does Not Compute expression. Mind you, he’s an engineer.

I loved wearing the dress, which really surprised me. It was incredibly easy to move around in and I could definitely see myself wearing it many more times. This shocked me more than anything else. It also helps that the dress is basically a zipped up bath towel in wool. The flap on the right side in the first photo is where the zipper is and I can literally zip the entire dress apart so it’s just one huge rectangle of fabric with straps buttoned on. It takes a little effort to get the straps straight when putting it on, but takes .02 seconds to take off. wednesday

Wednesday: nothing new to report here. Investors are gone, boss is at a conference and I’m panicking like crazy because prototypes for my client are running late and their lab with the parts is in two weeks. NO PRESSURE AT ALL!!!!

Work Wear



I wore this outfit on Saturday for doing some general errands and going to see Solo with some friends. I could’ve easily worn this outfit at work. Since I chose to wear it on the weekend proves it’s a win for the work-play category, which is what I’m aiming for.


So, you know you look good when an investor sees you walking down the hall and asks your name, knowing you have nothing to do with the meeting he’s attending for the company. Booyah!

Ok, so this outfit is a bit more polished and not quite something I’d wear on the weekends…. maybe. This is my new (to me) Yohji Yamamoto suit. There’s a dress as well and I’ll be wearing that tomorrow. The lighting is a bit bright, but the suit does have pin stripes. There’s a button clasp at the ankle and the sleeves are ever-so-slightly puffed in the back. The tailoring of this is gorgeous and the material makes it easy to wear (poly/wool blend). In fact, I didn’t even need to iron it last night, but I did anyway. I am completely comfortable in this suit. I even wore the jacket almost all day due to the AC blasting in the office. I really wish I had some better shoes to wear though. I was thinking of wearing my Nisolos, but when I put them on this morning I immediately kicked them off. Nope, not making my feet uncomfortable all day.

I have my eye on a couple shoes I’m tempted to get, but cannot immediately buy due to Reasons:

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 5.37.58 PM

Frye Erica Oxford $278 – Gorgeous, simple, effing expensive.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 5.38.36 PM

Birkenstock Laramie Low $180 – Cute, detailed statement shoe that’s currently not in stock in my size.

Something tells me the Laramie would be more comfortable, but I really like the sleek look of the Erica. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be buying either anytime soon.





I could have sworn I took a photo on Monday but I guess I forgot. I’m kinda shocked I didn’t take any photos of outfits until today. I know I didn’t yesterday because I changed into workout clothes at work before driving to PT. Monday though, it’s a blur.

A lot of things are blurring together now. Even though we’re not busy at work, I’m still Busy because I’m getting many more responsibilities loaded on me. It’s kinda strange how things work out that way. We have clients coming in to the office next week so I’ll be sure to clean up my new YY suit and break that out.

With regards to today’s outfit. It’s fine, but I really think nicer looking shoes would’ve worked better. I really need to find a nice oxford/brogue to wear with my outfits. I’d hoped the Nisolo shoe would fill that, but the style and cut of it (and size) just aren’t working out so I’m going to sell those along with many other items this weekend and now I’m on the hunt for better work shoes.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the majority of my wardrobe revolves around work attire now. I also want to make that wardrobe work for me no matter what day of the week. I want work clothes to be real clothes I can wear any time, not just the clothes that come off immediately after work because they are uncomfortable. The only exception will be when I’m running regularly again. Then, no matter what, I’ll be throwing off work clothes to put on clothes to run in, so maybe it doesn’t make that much of a difference?