Outfits for this week thus far. Tomorrow's photo may not be posted until I get back from vacation. Last Friday Z said after dinner, "Do you want to go somewhere?....." which of course sounded strange and ominous, but I quickly picked up on the fact he's burnt out a bit from work and needs a... Continue Reading →

Ninja Sprocket

It's almost cold again today. I was glad I could wear my YY turtleneck again. This was one of those perfect outfit days. I was comfortable and not thinking about what I was wearing. These YY pants  and top have been two of the best purchases I've ever made. I always want to put them... Continue Reading →

Dressing Normie

I wouldn't say I dress too far out there, but I do very much skew masculine and have worn many weird proportions. Today (the photo directly above), however, made me feel like a normie, aka normal office person. I grabbed one of the company pullovers from the stock room yesterday before leaving work (covering up... Continue Reading →


Today during lunch I sat outside with coworkers at the picnic table on the front lawn. I was sitting in the sun and moved to be in the shade after I ate. I could feel the back of my neck burning and my shoulders were starting to turn red. A coworker said that's what I... Continue Reading →

Waiting for storms

Outfits from last Friday and today. I really like wearing the linen shirt with my YY pants. I feel very comfortable in this outfit, even though it doesn't look very professional. I am very disappointed in my Lems shoes though. I think I've maybe had them for a  year and the leather is peeling a... Continue Reading →

Comfort colors

First of all, I hug all of you (figuratively) who responded to my last post. I was so emotional - and still am and will be for quite some time - that I was certain no one would respond and I was even ok with that. I just needed to get it out and although... Continue Reading →

Polyester loving non-minimalist

I've had a really bad couple of weeks. I've been physically ill to the point of being bed-ridden from sinusitis and then had an emotional and mental blow regarding and ongoing family matter. I am depressed and hate 99% of all human beings. I want nothing more than a mass genocide of all the stupid... Continue Reading →

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