I like black


The weather was cooler today so I broke out the YY turtleneck again. I love this. I’m also really happy with the Gwen Slide from EF I bought. They’ve been getting milage and look a little worn in already. They are super easy to change in and out of my non-slip clogs at work.

Drinking wine as soon as I get home. It’s been that kind of day. Instead of whinging about work, I think I’ll post pretty things instead – pretty black things.

I’ve been browsing some sites lately and noticed I always look at the designers. Do you ever look at an item and think, “oh, that’s nice” and then look at the designer and change your mind and move on? Do you have designer bias? I think I do, so I went and looked at a few sites and only looked at the photos and noticed I gravitated towards black items. When an item was black, I didn’t have a designer bias as much, so maybe my bias is towards black?

During my lunch break, I read Talia’s post on her “neutral” color. Her neutral color is close to her skin tone and that makes sense. I get the idea of how a color similar to whatever skin tone one has can be considered a neutral. I’d never considered white a neutral color before, but I guess it does fall in that category. Something about white felt too stark and contrasting to me because unless one is extremely pale, white can be quite striking.

I think my neutral color has always been black. Not because it matches my skin tone (it doesn’t at all!) but because it goes with everything. It is a harsh neutral no doubt, but I feel it’s neutral because it is safe – at least to me it feels that way.

Anyway, here are some black items that have caught my attention. All are from YY’s various collections.


It’s been so long since I’ve worn hats! I used to always wear a hat in high school. I was that weird girl who wore a velvet maroon hat with a vintage German military jacket. You know the type – style is everywhere and nowhere at once.


I took a photo of this plant because I am really proud of myself for keeping it alive. This plant might be my regular update plant where I need to take photos to remind myself I can take care of plants and my green thumb isn’t dead.

1 thought on “I like black”

  1. Black is definitely my neutral color too. (Some of this might be a NYC thing, though I think my fondness for black clothing, or at least my tendency to default to it, predated my moving to NYC.) Especially for my work clothing, black is very “safe” and easy to match with my other items, so it’s both a neutral and also an easy “default.”


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