YY + anime = WIN!


Monday and Tuesday I did the fold down on my All-Birds because I don’t have any other moderately office friendly shoes with an open back. Tuesday after work I came home to my new EF shoes and as you can see from today’s photo directly above – they are keepers. [Side note: OMG, I actually look like I work in an office in this outfit! Sometimes it’s surreal to me, not sure why, but maybe it’s due to the fact that I’ve never worked in a super strict office before. I still don’t, but this outfit just made me think I could pull it off.] Not great photos of them because yes, I am wearing socks with slides, but it was still chilly this morning and the slides honestly work well with thin socks. Tomorrow will be much warmer so I may go sans socks.

I wasn’t going to post at all this week because work is still cray cray. That being said, the amount of Stupid I’m dealing with is decreasing and I’m getting better at putting my foot down and demand answers when I want them. One of the managers loves how gung-ho I am and she’s started calling me Jen the Hammer now. Half the engineers said “g’night hammer!” as they left work. I told her fine, I’ll take it, but only if it’s the squeaky toy kind and she lost her shit laughing.

Anyway, the real reason why I wanted to post today was because I nearly lost my shit when I saw the new Ground Y SS18 collection items on IG. Yohji Yamamoto does Ghost in the Shell! I don’t know how to embed IG photos and couldn’t get it to work, but look here at the first 5 photos.

For those who know me, or who have read this blog long enough – I am first and foremost an otaku, aka nerd. It’s a derogatory term in Japanese to describe people who have a crazy passion and love for something like trains or stamps or dolls or whatever, but mostly nowadays refers to people who love anime/manga culture, which is me. I am over 40 and watch Japanese cartoons more often than I do any other kind of television. I also read translated manga (Japanese comic books). I’ve not written up any reviews in quite some time or even shared my usual seasonal viewing selection, but I am still very much watching. The spring season just stared and there’s a lot on my watch list right now.

Ghost in the Shell is an amazing manga/anime. It originated as a manga, but Oshii Mamoru turned into a cult hit anime movie in 1995. I loved the movie and the sequels as well as the various tv series based on it since then. The 2017 live-action movie with ScarJo was decent, but definitely not great for hardcore fans.

Back to the main point though – my favorite Japanese designer making some clothes celebrating a wonderful anime makes me very fangirl screamy in my head. I nearly choked on my lunch when checking IG and I saw the photos. I would totally wear that long sleeve print shirt to work – not that I could ever afford it. Ok maybe I could if I sold an organ right now.

From the Ground Y collection in general, I’m in love with the blue dress and black skirt so far. I’ve also seen a few images on FB of the new YY A/W18 collection and nearly died of want.


1 thought on “YY + anime = WIN!”

  1. love your enthusiasm! It’s so nice when two things you love collide unexpectedly like that. The slip on shoes look really chic. I’ve tried a pair once but they flew off my feet when I walked.


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