Linen shirt


It’s casual Friday and I wore my new linen shirt and YY pants. I think I gave up on the idea of just wearing jeans on Fridays and just wear whatever I want whenever I want any day of the week now at work.

I did iron this shirt last night, but linen, so it’s very wrinkled now and that’s ok.

I ordered this from Knock Knock Linen on Etsy. I’ve had the shop in my favorites shopping list for a while now but never knew what to get. I decided an easy button down would be best and this is technically a “mens style” button down shirt. I am wearing a small, but it does look big on me. They have standardized measurements to choose from for their clothing, but one could very easily give exact measurements for a more personal fit. I think this is a little bigger than their standard size but I do like the bagginess of the shirt. I ordered the color Natural Flax in mid-weight linen. This feels just as substantial as my PdE pants. The linen is thick and soft and drapes wonderfully. The collar and cuffs have double buttons and the buttons themselves are very pretty as well. The linen of this shirt is not woven as finely as my PdE pants so there are a few bumps and tiny stray tufts here and there, but those add a nice bit of charm. The stitching is well done. This shirt bought as-is has a breast pocket but I asked them to make it without and they said it was no problem.

The only problem was the wait time. The description said 3-4 weeks. I ordered this shirt on March 10th and got it two days ago. After 5 and a half weeks I msged them to find out when it would ship and was informed they were behind schedule and would expedite the shipping by Fedex. The lack of communication on their part to tell me it was running late was a little annoying, but the shirt is very nice so I’m not too upset about it. Total cost for this with shipping was $136. Was it worth it? Right now I do think so.

I should mention one odd thing and that’s the shirt yoke seems like it was made to show more in the back than sit on top of the shoulders. I noticed that when I was ironing the shirt, but it hasn’t bothered me at all while wearing it.

Having another thick linen shirt makes me wonder if ES linen is thick and substantial like this KKL linen or my PdE linen. Can someone take a close-up photo and show me? I really want to see the texture of ES linen closely. In general, I’ve never really liked the look of ES tops because they seem too much like sacks with armholes. They also look very cropped and I don’t like the idea of my mid section showing when I raise my arms. I like that I can customize whatever size I want with KKL. Granted, the wait time is similar to ES right now, but having my shirt custom made means a bit more to me value-wise for that wait time. I’ve read more than once people waiting a long time for ES clothes just to be disappointed with the fit. KKL does have the hippie/peasant look going on, especially when you see the harem pants and their color scheme, but knowing they are willing to customize so much means a lot.



I think I have a pant addiction. It used to be running shoes, but since I won’t be running for a while my new thing is to obsess over the cut and style of pants. I just bought two more pairs before writing this post – both black (of course). I know a lot of people who just wear the same pants over and over and over with different tops. Maybe I’ll do the reverse where I wear one top constantly and change out the pants. That sounds very amusing to me, but I’ve also had a Scotch. Last minute meetings and coworkers blowing up at each other made for an interesting day at work.

What clothing addictions do you have? Any specific kind of item? Silk shirts? Cardigans? Shoes? Socks?

I also bought another pair of barefoot style shoes that look more professional than the ones in the top photo. I like the Lems (above) but something about them feels too casual. Maybe I just need to change out the shoe laces. I don’t really like them. Also, I already need to buff the EF shoes because I’m wearing them so much they are scuffing a lot faster than I realized. They are also really soft leather, which doesn’t help. I did get a compliment on them today though.

We are seeing Infinity War tonight with friends. It should be a lot of fun. I’m not a hardcore Marvel fan, but I like the movies because they are good action films and seeing them with a bunch of friends in a full theater makes it even more fun.

I like black


The weather was cooler today so I broke out the YY turtleneck again. I love this. I’m also really happy with the Gwen Slide from EF I bought. They’ve been getting milage and look a little worn in already. They are super easy to change in and out of my non-slip clogs at work.

Drinking wine as soon as I get home. It’s been that kind of day. Instead of whinging about work, I think I’ll post pretty things instead – pretty black things.

I’ve been browsing some sites lately and noticed I always look at the designers. Do you ever look at an item and think, “oh, that’s nice” and then look at the designer and change your mind and move on? Do you have designer bias? I think I do, so I went and looked at a few sites and only looked at the photos and noticed I gravitated towards black items. When an item was black, I didn’t have a designer bias as much, so maybe my bias is towards black?

During my lunch break, I read Talia’s post on her “neutral” color. Her neutral color is close to her skin tone and that makes sense. I get the idea of how a color similar to whatever skin tone one has can be considered a neutral. I’d never considered white a neutral color before, but I guess it does fall in that category. Something about white felt too stark and contrasting to me because unless one is extremely pale, white can be quite striking.

I think my neutral color has always been black. Not because it matches my skin tone (it doesn’t at all!) but because it goes with everything. It is a harsh neutral no doubt, but I feel it’s neutral because it is safe – at least to me it feels that way.

Anyway, here are some black items that have caught my attention. All are from YY’s various collections.


It’s been so long since I’ve worn hats! I used to always wear a hat in high school. I was that weird girl who wore a velvet maroon hat with a vintage German military jacket. You know the type – style is everywhere and nowhere at once.


I took a photo of this plant because I am really proud of myself for keeping it alive. This plant might be my regular update plant where I need to take photos to remind myself I can take care of plants and my green thumb isn’t dead.

Freak outs and being human

outfitbad shoe dayfridaymonday

Last week I made a bad shoe decision and freaked myself out big time about my ankle. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster again because of it. I’m so completely and stupidly stubborn.

Thursday and Friday of last week were actually kinda slow for me. The earthquake that was the huge ordeal with one of my clients was over and now we are dealing with a few remaining tremors – getting product out on time. I left work early on Friday and instead of exercising I went straight to bed and slept.

I did remember a few funny things that happened last week. There’s been a firearms safety session going on because management freaked out about something. I was offered to join in the “lunch training” meeting, which meant we sat around eating food and not really training at all.

Coworker (jokingly): So, welcome to the training session for firearms. Do you know how to handle a firearm?
Me: Yeah keep the safety on and point the gun downwards at all times.
Coworker: Wrong, you wear gloves… to hide finger prints.

We all had a laugh and ate lunch.

Sometimes I think about how much food is such a driving force for interaction in our world. We base a lot of our schedule around eating and actually watching other people eat can be a gruesome experience, depending on the person. But we still do it because we need to and sometimes I feel mechanical about how we must refuel so many times a day. It’s funny to think of myself as being robotic in how I need to refuel. If I were a game character I’d need a green energy bar (food) and a battery energy bar (sleep).

During lunch we talked about foods we like and which ones “don’t like us” so to speak. For the record, I don’t like bananas and I’m allergic to fresh figs and goat milk and mussels.

Around half hour after lunch I watched another coworker go towards the bathrooms. She opened one door and barely had a foot inside it before she came stumbling out, shaking her head. She saw me watching from down the hall and we both burst into laughter. She had been at the lunch meeting as well and we knew: someone bombed out the bathroom. She went into the other bathroom and I remembered I’d heard some rather…unpleasant noises coming from the bathrooms earlier. I wondered if the coworker who said he can’t handle onions had onions in his sandwich.



plum blossom

This weekend was really nice outside. We drove to a park on Saturday and the trail was so uneven Z gave me a piggy back ride so I wouldn’t hurt my ankle.

On Sunday the weather was warmer so we packed up a picnic and went to another park. A family friend gave us a fancy picnic backpack – like a picnic basket. It’s been 3 years since we’ve been married and this was the first time we used it. We stopped at the store to buy cheese, crackers and fruit. I was drinking jasmine tea in the silly plastic wine glass. The backpack does have a wine bottle opener and insulated areas for cold foods.

It was really nice to see the trees blossoms at the park and smell freshly mowed grass. It does feel like spring is finally here.

Red black, blue black, black black


Monday: New (to me, but really used) Yohji Yamamoto short sleeve top and Issey Miyake pants. This outfit was super comfortable. The top is cotton and felt like a fancy button down collared tee shirt. The pants reminded me of some EF items I’d seen at the mall as part of The System. They are a mix of cotton, polyester and elastic. Although this outfit attracts ALL THE LINT, it was extremely comfortable. The pants are straight leg and kinda flowy at the bottom when I walked due to the material. I noticed how the two blacks were the teensiest bit hued in blue (top) and red (pants). It was pouring rain most of the day so I wore closed shoes. They didn’t bother my ankle too much because these are the barefoot style shoes, but man do they ever bring down the look the outfit. I look like I should be busing tables.¬†Tuesday

Today: Again new (to me but used) YY turtleneck and YY pants. I knew it would be much colder today so out came the turtleneck as planned. Again, I was super comfortable in this outfit. I ironed the pants the night before and they looked perfect this morning, but they do wrinkle easily so the nice, clean lined look I was going for was gone by the time I got to the office. Oh well. I love this turtleneck. It fits perfectly. I really wish I’d found it earlier this winter.¬†Today’s outfit was more true black than yesterday’s. The pants give off a little sheen so they may look the slightest bit lighter.

It sucks I came home late to crap lighting. I had to go to the dealership after work and renew my loaner agreement. I may not get my car back until July now because they are so backlogged on engines for the Elantra problem. The dealership agreed to give me loaners the whole time. I have to renew it once a month now.

Tomorrow will be warmer and I don’t have any solid black outfits planned. That being said, these outfits felt right on me and I didn’t think about them at all throughout the day. I also really dig the difference in silhouettes for them.