Linen shirt

It's casual Friday and I wore my new linen shirt and YY pants. I think I gave up on the idea of just wearing jeans on Fridays and just wear whatever I want whenever I want any day of the week now at work. I did iron this shirt last night, but linen, so it's... Continue Reading →


I think I have a pant addiction. It used to be running shoes, but since I won't be running for a while my new thing is to obsess over the cut and style of pants. I just bought two more pairs before writing this post - both black (of course). I know a lot of... Continue Reading →

I like black

The weather was cooler today so I broke out the YY turtleneck again. I love this. I'm also really happy with the Gwen Slide from EF I bought. They've been getting milage and look a little worn in already. They are super easy to change in and out of my non-slip clogs at work. Drinking... Continue Reading →

Freak outs and being human

Last week I made a bad shoe decision and freaked myself out big time about my ankle. I've been on an emotional roller coaster again because of it. I'm so completely and stupidly stubborn. Thursday and Friday of last week were actually kinda slow for me. The earthquake that was the huge ordeal with one... Continue Reading →

Red black, blue black, black black

Monday: New (to me, but really used) Yohji Yamamoto short sleeve top and Issey Miyake pants. This outfit was super comfortable. The top is cotton and felt like a fancy button down collared tee shirt. The pants reminded me of some EF items I'd seen at the mall as part of The System. They are... Continue Reading →

Perpetual autumn

I may very well be broken. Even though we are finally in spring, all I want to wear are clothes from Yohji Yamamoto autumn/winter 18-19 collection. To be fair, we're not really having a Spring per se. We've gone straight from ass-freezing cold to WTF-why-am-I-sweating-so-much summer in a span of 12 hours. It started yesterday... Continue Reading →

Hell week

This was Thursday's outfit, which is the outfit I tried to wear last week, but got toothpaste  all over. Wearing Yohji shirt and "skants" (Skirt/pants). I wore it as a skirt but then realized I was very restricted with leg movement so when I got to work I went to the bathroom and put my... Continue Reading →

YY + anime = WIN!

Monday and Tuesday I did the fold down on my All-Birds because I don't have any other moderately office friendly shoes with an open back. Tuesday after work I came home to my new EF shoes and as you can see from today's photo directly above - they are keepers. [Side note: OMG, I actually... Continue Reading →

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