On being the Pushy Type

Wednesday and Thursday outfit. I didn't have the gusto to do a full black and white week.  Also, it was warm today. And, I AM WEARING SHOES. For both days I did the button-down-as-cover layer and I like how both worked out. Today I did not wear the boot at all. My shoes did kinda... Continue Reading →


It seems I'm into contrasts this week. Instead of whinging about how freakishly awful my work week has been thus far (and it's only Tuesday), I'm shutting up the whiner and bringing out the shoe fiend. I can't wear regular shoes just yet because my ankle isn't strong enough and I don't want to risk... Continue Reading →


Friday and Saturday outfits. On Saturday, the roofers showed up at 7 am. Z got up immediately and said he'd take care of it, but the noise kept me up so I rolled out of bed at 7:45 am. Ugh. I got dressed to meet a coworker/ friend at the movies around 11:30. We saw... Continue Reading →

I have no idea what day it is

I threw on what was comfortable and warm for today. I couldn't remember what day it was. It kinda felt like a Friday, but I was busy this morning like a Monday and a coworker thought it was Tuesday. Even after Z shoveled 3 times yesterday - the last being at 8:30 pm - I... Continue Reading →

Big, baggy aesthetic

2 posts, 1 day. Haven't done that in a while. This is today's snow day outfit. It's a Nike sweatpants outfit I bought for running outside a few years ago. More often than not, I wear either or both of these pieces for warmth in the winter. I found a new outfit/clothing tumblr to fawn... Continue Reading →

4 months, 1 shoe

For 4 months one shoe (right) has been on my foot and the other (left) has been in a box. Btw, the heel of the shoe above is falling off now at the very bottom layer. I kinda knew I wanted to do a comparison post when I first bought these shoes. Ideally, I'd wear... Continue Reading →


My increasingly casual outfits for the rest of the week. One could say they also show the progression of my mental and emotional status as well. After all the work I did in hustling departments to get product out for today's deadline the end result was 0. Nothing went out today, hence the double of... Continue Reading →

Storms… and more storms

Z took both of these photos for me. He took 7 shots waiting for Yuki to get into frame with me for Monday's outfit. For today, I wore my Everlane men's Japanese oxford shirt. I don't think they have them anymore on the site (unless you just buy the men's one, which is still there... Continue Reading →

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