On being the Pushy Type


Wednesday and Thursday outfit. I didn’t have the gusto to do a full black and white week. ¬†Also, it was warm today. And, I AM WEARING SHOES.

For both days I did the button-down-as-cover layer and I like how both worked out.

Today I did not wear the boot at all. My shoes did kinda make my ankle feel awkward at first, but that’s mostly because I’m not used to having shoes on that foot in general.

This week has really been a test of my sanity at work. My client clearly doesn’t understand the manufacturing process enough to know that making these parts takes time. That time is delayed when we have issues – like them not sending us good materials to work with. It’s been exasperating waiting for them to respond to our inquiries and I’ve been the one to strong-arm several people on both sides into conference calls to work shit out. I went and apologized to our quality manager today because I felt like I was overstepping my boundaries. He laughed it off and said I was fine, he didn’t feel that way at all, which is good. However, the nagging little voice in my head is telling me I need to stop trying to man-handle all the departments and be more trusting of the people around me to get stuff done. Twice this week two different people in different departments have told me they now cringe when they see the folders for my client (the folders for product jobs are color coded) and I asked if it was because they knew I’d be checking in on them. At first, they said no, but ultimately I think the answer is yes. Part of that is due to the fact that even before I started working with this client the company has had a history of stuff not going right with them for the exact same reasons I’ve been pulling my hair out this week with them. The other part is me being the overwhelming proactive person, hustling to get stuff done. I don’t want to make my coworkers nervous, so I need to reel it in a bit.

I was also given another client to start keeping track of this week and will probably have another one in two weeks time, so now the managers of the other departments may simply cringe when they see me, period. They won’t know who I’m asking about.

On the plus side, we’ll most likely make an offer to one of the interviewees today for the admin role. This will help me out immensely.



It seems I’m into contrasts this week.

Instead of whinging about how freakishly awful my work week has been thus far (and it’s only Tuesday), I’m shutting up the whiner and bringing out the shoe fiend.

I can’t wear regular shoes just yet because my ankle isn’t strong enough and I don’t want to risk doing anything to the tendon, so open back shoes are a must for me. I’ve been wearing my non-slip clogs at work a lot. My boss even mentioned them today. At first, I thought it was a dig for not wearing more office appropriate shoes, but he honestly didn’t care at all and said I looked comfortable.


These are my non-slip clogs. They are basically industrial crocs and that’s it. They are a size 9 even though I’m a size 8 shoe and while these are a little big, they tend to run small in general from the company we get non-slips.

For now, I’ve been wearing my boot/shoe combo to the office, but then take them off and put on the clogs for most of the day. I don’t have any open back shoes other than my faux birks to wear, but it’s still fairly cold in the mornings so I like to have more foot coverage.

I’ve been looking at mules a lot lately in general and while I dismissed them before as fancy shoes for lazy people… I am actually that kind of person.


I love these Piave ankle strap shoes by Jill Sander, but the price tag is way too far out of my comfort zone. Like, not even in the maybe zone. But they are pretty.

eggmule grey matter

These Egg Mules by Gray Matter have some lift, but I still like them. They are a bit more fancy than what I’d probably wear normally, but something about the shape of these shoes entrances me. These aren’t really an option either, but more eye candy like the Jill Sander shoes.


The Ferlyn Flat Loafers from Isabel Marant are also in the chokingly expensive category, but I like that they are a full loafer. They have a seam and the back is made to fold down – like the Everlane Babo shoe they had a while back. I like the idea of this shoe being a loafer and a mule at the same time. I could probably wear it as a loafer in the mornings with the leather being that soft to fold down.

sandy whiskeysandy croc


I’ve been looking at Sevilla Smith shoes a lot and the softness of the leather for some styles may not bother the back of my ankle. I really like the look of the Sandy shoe and go back and forth between wanting them in the Whiskey or Croc colors. The Liz mule looks nice too. The Sevillas are the only ones within my price range and I have a feeling I’ll get some soon. Choosing a leather for them will be the most difficult part.



Friday and Saturday outfits.

On Saturday, the roofers showed up at 7 am. Z got up immediately and said he’d take care of it, but the noise kept me up so I rolled out of bed at 7:45 am. Ugh.

I got dressed to meet a coworker/ friend at the movies around 11:30. We saw Unsane and while it wasn’t really my cup of tea, it was still a good movie. I could appreciate the directing and script. What was even more impressive was the fact that the entire movie was filmed on iPhones.

I was bad and didn’t wear my boot at all yesterday, but I knew I’d be sitting around for most of the day. I definitely walk around a lot more at work. I can’t really wear normal shoes because I need to strengthen the tendon more so I opted for wool socks and birks look (they aren’t real birks) This way I wouldn’t have anything rubbing on the back of my ankle. I found it disturbing I thought the weather was warm yesterday when the high was only 48F.

I was surprised by how easy it was to get dressed yesterday to go out. Normally I would’ve thrown on jeans, but I felt tired of wearing them. I still rely on wearing jeans a lot, especially for casual outings like shopping or visiting a friend. But lately, I’ve been thinking about why I don’t wear other pants more often for those sorts of things. It’s hard to disassociate the other pants with “work” clothes, but there’s honestly no reason why I shouldn’t be able to wear them like I do jeans.

Z brought home a “new” computer for me. A friend of his family always calls on him for technical support and he goes over there at least 3 times a year. She had an older iMac sitting around she was going to recycle, even though nothing was wrong with it. She had upgraded, so Z took her old one and gave it to me and it’s now my upgrade since it’s a little newer. He may sell or part out my old iMac. The screen on this one is a little bigger and it’s brighter.

I brought home a stack of resumes to go through this weekend. I even made a Bad Application Bingo card, which everyone in the office found highly amusing. The resumes were so bad. By the end of it, they were in stacks of No, WTF, and Not Annoying. I’ll go over the Not Annoying ones again tomorrow and see if my boss thinks we should bring any in.


I have no idea what day it is


I threw on what was comfortable and warm for today. I couldn’t remember what day it was. It kinda felt like a Friday, but I was busy this morning like a Monday and a coworker thought it was Tuesday.

Even after Z shoveled 3 times yesterday – the last being at 8:30 pm – I still had to wipe off 3 inches of snow from my car this morning. We got a foot of snow total. Can we please be done with this nonsense? I’m also sick of wearing wool socks. My legs and feet itch like crazy because my skin is so dry and I put on wool socks to keep warm. Even my trusty favorite moisturizer can’t handle how weirdly dry this winter has been. Odd, that we’ve had an insane amount of precipitation, but the humidity levels overall have been one of the driest seasons on record.

I reposted the job description with some changes for the admin role we are looking for. We’ve had nearly 100 applicants and maybe 3 wrote decent cover letters and resumes. All the rest… yikes. I was hoping for better leads by putting a few more parameters on the job description, but this afternoon’s crop of resumes has me wondering why the hell I’m getting bottom feeders. Ugh. I know, that’s super harsh of me to say, but seriously, how many times can I read something along the lines of: I’m a dependable and honest person! without wanting to stab my eyes out. I don’t give two shits what these applicants think of themselves! I want to know their qualifications! IF they happen to add a glowing recommendation from a coworker who says yes, this person is dependable and honest – then great, but I’m not impressed when that’s the first line of a cover letter! It’s egotistical, stupid and NOT WHAT YOU WRITE IN A COVER LETTER. I suppose I should be lucky some applicants even wrote one – despite how awful it is – because even after making a cover letter a requirement for the application process, most of them don’t even bother or write stupid shit like “Great Customer Service Skills” and… that’s it. WHAT?!

The biggest WTF on these resumes though is the phrase “tech savvy”. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? A coworker guessed it meant the applicant can use Facebook, which made me laugh. When the GM asked me what it meant I told him I have no idea and I don’t even know what era that phrase is from. He guessed the 80s.

I don’t even think I can say I’m looking for an admin anymore. I’m just looking for someone who knows how to write a fucking cover letter and resume. Period.

Z says I need to make Bad Application Bingo. Phrases on the card can read “honest and dependable”, “tech savvy”, telecommuting, secretary and “stay at home mom”.

Big, baggy aesthetic


2 posts, 1 day. Haven’t done that in a while.

This is today’s snow day outfit. It’s a Nike sweatpants outfit I bought for running outside a few years ago. More often than not, I wear either or both of these pieces for warmth in the winter.

I found a new outfit/clothing tumblr to fawn over in the same vein of Death by Elocution, but with a baggier look – fftdimg. For as much as I love the looks in DbE, I can’t help but think: I couldn’t pull that off because bare ankles mean cold ankles. A lot of the looks on DbE have the model in an oversized sweater, wool coat, slightly cropped trousers and some sort of spotless looking shoe. The looks are polished and while they look like real looks people would wear, I still think there’s that not-quite-within-grasp-without-looking-like-you’re-trying-too-hard / pretentiousness to them. I think a lot of that has to do with practicality and seeing such top-heavy looking outfits with bare ankles that would be cold instantly brings home the lack of realism in the outfits. The look is gorgeous, no doubt, and something to aspire to, which seems to be the point. I think it’s obvious the photographer knows these looks are more idealized than practical, but having that eye candy is inspiring. fftdimg is similar, but I noticed how the proportions are bigger, baggier, and pant lengths are definitely longer. Looking through fftdimg had me thinking: I can definitely wear that. No bare, cold ankles, but more of a polished throwback to the longer leg lengths of the 90s and early 2000s – without the grunge.



For as much as I love the cropped pant look, I can’t get past the cold ankles and this winter has driven home the importance of having ALL Limbs Covered All The Time. Maybe next winter will be different and I’ll be all over cropped pants. If I’m perfectly honest though, I think I’m more of a full-long length pant kind of person.