On being the Pushy Type


Wednesday and Thursday outfit. I didn’t have the gusto to do a full black and white week. ¬†Also, it was warm today. And, I AM WEARING SHOES.

For both days I did the button-down-as-cover layer and I like how both worked out.

Today I did not wear the boot at all. My shoes did kinda make my ankle feel awkward at first, but that’s mostly because I’m not used to having shoes on that foot in general.

This week has really been a test of my sanity at work. My client clearly doesn’t understand the manufacturing process enough to know that making these parts takes time. That time is delayed when we have issues – like them not sending us good materials to work with. It’s been exasperating waiting for them to respond to our inquiries and I’ve been the one to strong-arm several people on both sides into conference calls to work shit out. I went and apologized to our quality manager today because I felt like I was overstepping my boundaries. He laughed it off and said I was fine, he didn’t feel that way at all, which is good. However, the nagging little voice in my head is telling me I need to stop trying to man-handle all the departments and be more trusting of the people around me to get stuff done. Twice this week two different people in different departments have told me they now cringe when they see the folders for my client (the folders for product jobs are color coded) and I asked if it was because they knew I’d be checking in on them. At first, they said no, but ultimately I think the answer is yes. Part of that is due to the fact that even before I started working with this client the company has had a history of stuff not going right with them for the exact same reasons I’ve been pulling my hair out this week with them. The other part is me being the overwhelming proactive person, hustling to get stuff done. I don’t want to make my coworkers nervous, so I need to reel it in a bit.

I was also given another client to start keeping track of this week and will probably have another one in two weeks time, so now the managers of the other departments may simply cringe when they see me, period. They won’t know who I’m asking about.

On the plus side, we’ll most likely make an offer to one of the interviewees today for the admin role. This will help me out immensely.