Chasing daylight

Limi Feu sweater, Banana Republic top, Rachel Comey pants. It was cold this morning, but my office area has been getting much warmer throughout the day so I took off the sweater for the later half. Yesterday I was roasting in the cashmere sweater in the afternoon with the sun on me.

I left the office at my normal time and managed to get OOTD photos done in some daylight.

Next week I might have jury duty. I’m hoping I won’t get selected because I’ve got too much to do at work already. My answers were always straight forward on the questionnaires for jury selection before, but now there is a difference. I was mugged a block away from my apartment when I lived in the city and the guy was never caught. It’s fairly typical in the city though. In fact, there’s a motto that there are those who have been mugged and those who have yet to be mugged. I lived there for 10 years and 4 fucking months before we moved out of the city I ended up being another of the city’s victims. The guy waited until I got in my car, stood over me and as I screamed he dove in the car, strangling me to shut up until he reached over and grabbed my handbag and ran. I was dazed and in a panic and some guy walking his dog down the street acted like he didn’t see anything although anyone with half a brain cell would notice how visibly shaken and upset I was. The cops weren’t helpful either because they didn’t drive me around the neighborhood like they are supposed to in an attempt to see if I recognized the guy. The detective I talked to looked dejected when he found out I wasn’t driven around – apparently it’s normal for the cops to not give a fuck because it happens so often. The policewoman who picked me up was actually quite the bitch to me, as if I was inconveniencing her.  I’ve had other bad experiences with sexist cops and cops using their status to try and intimidate me. When I called them out on it though they shut up and acted like nothing happened.

I know that not all cops are like that and in the city it can be tough, but in all honesty if they even pretended like they gave two shits they’d probably get a little more respect and help from the citizens in general.

I am glad I no longer live in the city, but I’m still really paranoid now about going out in some places because of what happened.

3 thoughts on “Chasing daylight”

  1. Your mugging sounds awful. I don’t blame you for moving out of the city, if the police aren’t sympathetic to assault and theft. I guess there’s really no incentive for accountability with community relations, especially in a huge metro area.

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  2. So sorry to hear about what happened. It sounds awful and terrifying.

    Just explaining that experience and your view of police as a result would, by itself, pretty much be enough to get out of jury service in every court I’ve been around (New York state and suburban federal court – in federal court most of the trials tend to touch on police or crime in some way, as prisoner’s rights cases and excessive force issues are the most likely to get to trial). In New York state, where most trials are several weeks long on and off, they’re actually even amenable to “I’m too busy” or “I’m traveling on x date” scheduling excuses that would not fly in many federal courts. Sadly, jury duty in the city tends to involve two days of waiting to see if one will be empaneled!

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  3. That’s terrifying and traumatic. Sorry to hear that happened to you. Just tell the judge your honest opinion about cops and you won’t be selected. There’s the silver lining in this whole story. I was interviewed to be on a jury and it was my first time. I answered all the questions honestly. Then noticed that every one who interviewed after me told the most outrageous stories to avoid jury duty, ie. “my father was in the FBI and I hate my father so I can’t do this”, then other people pretending like they barely speak any English or intentionally not answering questions so that the judge would think they are incompetent. It was all really funny.

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