What day is it?


Banana Republic sweater, Sacai Luck pants.

I’m exhausted and slightly confused today. I hardly got any sleep because the Eagles won the Super Bowl (not that I give two fucks about it) and the fucking neighbors kept me up half the night setting off fireworks. I get it, they won. Big fucking deal now can these annoying twats stop and think for two seconds of the children and other adults who are being responsible and going to bed at a decent hour and would like to actually get rest before starting the work week? Ugh. I’m so glad we don’t live in the city anymore.

Today at work was… weird. A manager “retired” suddenly (awkward!) and another employee who was on leave decided not to come back (but I was prepared for that). I was so busy I was in a daze most of the time. The whole schedule for the current audit got thrown out of whack as well because, get this – they are adjusting the schedule around the fucking parade for the winning football team later this week.





Of course I was in charge of making most of these changes, so adding that to my landslide of current work made for my being a greatly disgruntled employee today.

Z suggested I take the OOTD photo with the doll because he thought it was funny. He actually took the photo himself.

There were other things I wanted to say, but I’m so drained right now I can’t focus on anything so I’ll just throw in some photos I took over the weekend.


Saturday breakfast. Z makes us waffles sometimes from scratch with a waffle iron he got when we moved into the house. The blueberry sauce is also homemade from blueberries we picked at a local orchard over the summer. We usually pick a gallon or so and then freeze a lot of them to have throughout the year.


Upper doll photo is from Saturday and the lower one was from a few weeks ago. I came home from work and found it like that at my desk.


8 thoughts on “What day is it?”

      1. I decided to bring blogging back to life. I don’t really know how to get going or what to update with. :p Ring size: 7 for index finger and 6.25 for ring finger. What is the doll called??


        1. The doll is by a company called Craftholic. They have different kinds and this one is a Korat. Sorry it took me forever to get back to you on this. I had it in my amazon wish list and it’s from omoionline.com, but you can find the dolls elsewhere. There are different sizes of dolls. I think this one is a large.


    1. Thanks. A lot of is West Elm. We bought all new furniture for the house when we moved in nearly 3 years ago. We lived in a tiny apartment in the city before and there were chain smokers on the first floor. All of our furniture was ruined because we lived above them for so long and they’d always smoke in the open areas or outside on nice days so when we left windows open the smoke would get in that way too. We could never win so we just got rid of all the furniture and started new. Whatever isn’t West Elm is from Craigslist, Ikea or the Mid-Century Warehouse. The MC warehouse specializes in only selling vintage mid-cent furniture and they are only open for 4 hours twice a month to the public. It’s a mad house of an event each time, but we managed to get some good items.


  1. When the Royals won the World Series a few years ago (2015? 2016?), Kansas City and most of the suburban school districts closed for the entire day of the parade. I was thinking, how much does that suck for a low wage worker, or a nurse, or any of the other parents who can’t just take a day off for the “experience” of going to the parade? For some people losing a day of wages could be disastrous.

    I thought it was nice for the city (winning the series, I mean), and definitely a boost for the local economy, but the reaction seemed so extreme to me. I don’t have kids but I wouldn’t drag them to the city center so they wait hours for a short parade, and I’d be beyond pissed if I had to scramble to find child care or take a day off from work so the other parents (and teachers – I heard they really pushed for the school closure) could have the day off. But I’m kind of a curmudgeon.

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    1. I think it’s way too extreme as well. You’re absolutely right. It really inconveniences a lot of people in ways. I don’t have children either, but most of my friends do and I know it can be difficult for them to get last minute arrangements made. I’m a total curmudgeon about it as well. Everyone in my office is talking about who is going to the parade and one of the supervisors was running around asking his employees if they are coming in or not on Thursday (when the parade is) so he’ll figure out how to schedule production for that day. It’s an inconvenience for him and it’s a really damn annoyance for me because I need product being sent out to my client and this is just pushing back our already-late due dates!


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