In favor of enough

The last photo was taken today. I put on the pants just for this photo and then took them off and put on the jeans I had been wearing beforehand and put my shoe/boot back on. I simply wanted to take a photo to show the pants I got from Uniqlo today before I wash... Continue Reading →

Mini summer

Today was 76F outside. During lunch, people pulled the picnic table out on the front lawn into the sun and away from the shade of the building. On my drive home, several people were out running. In the neighborhood, lots of people were walking their dogs. It honestly felt like a summer day. It was... Continue Reading →

Brain melt

It's a little scary how warm it was today. I had a sweater, but hardly needed it. Yesterday was a crap shoot for productivity. I sent out Very Important Emails to a client for information we needed ASAP and got it - after work hours (of course). Today was more of me frantically trying to... Continue Reading →

Defining expenses

This was Friday's outfit. It was a bit warm and this polyester shirt works really well for that in-between weather temperature range. I need a jacket for going outside, but inside I'm fine with just this. It's another reminder that not all of my fast-fashion buys are bad things as long as I keep using... Continue Reading →

Not enough time

Wednesday was full of anxiety and stress. At 9 am in the morning I realized I was overwhelmed at work and felt as though I was drowning under the weight of what I had to do. Then something interesting happened. A guy walked in while I was on the phone. He leaned up on the... Continue Reading →

All black and fuzzy

This lighting is not doing this outfit justice. Not that it's great to begin with, but I feel like this photo just made it look worse than it actually is. I'm trying to think of something nice to say about today because I don't want this to turn into the Jen-Rants-About-All-The-Things blog. Ummm.... it was... Continue Reading →

Land of the clueless

I had jury duty today. I didn't sleep at all the night before, so I was exhausted. When I got to the courthouse I went through a metal detector and was told to put my phone/keys in a basket and my purse on the conveyor belt. When I went through the detector, I waited for... Continue Reading →

Lazy, most of the time

This past Wednesday's outfit was a repeat of last Wednesday's outfit and I think in general it's my favorite. Hardly anyone was in the office Thursday due to the parade and Friday I just DGAF. I did get a compliment from a coworker on my top though, which surprised me. This whole week has been... Continue Reading →

Chasing daylight

Limi Feu sweater, Banana Republic top, Rachel Comey pants. It was cold this morning, but my office area has been getting much warmer throughout the day so I took off the sweater for the later half. Yesterday I was roasting in the cashmere sweater in the afternoon with the sun on me. I left the... Continue Reading →

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