Outfits and illness


Saturday: Sweater and Pants: Everlane. Jacket: Journal Standard. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi.

It was cold and rainy. The husband and I ventured out to run errands at a mall and later we went out to a fantastic sushi restaurant that’s a 4 minute drive from our house. We really need to go there more often. The jacket is “new” to me. It came in my Japanese package the other week, but I’ve not had a chance to wear it yet. I’d not heard of Journal Standard before, but apparently they are rather popular for clothing that is similar to 45rpm in style. The jacket is full 100% linen and is the softest linen I’ve ever felt. I would say it’s on par with my bedsheets, which are also full linen and I’ve been sleeping on those for over a year. The weight of this linen is incredibly heavy, so it makes the jacket feel more substantial.


Sunday: Top: Banana Republic. Skirt: Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes: Chinese Laundry.

Sunday I spent lounging around the house until I had to get dressed to go out for a friend’s wedding. I wanted to take photos at the house beforehand, but we were running late so the husband took these photos at the hotel. The skirt is the third item I have from Yohji-sama and it’s crushed velvet with some contrast edging in a sturdy cotton. This skirt can technically be worn as pants as well, but I just wore it as a skirt so the other “leg” go behind me. That leg also has the trim on it and not the main part of the skirt so it makes it slightly asymmetrical. Unlike the other items I have that are labeled Y’s, this one is just labeled Yohji Yamamoto on the inside. The shoes I’m wearing are the only heeled, fancy shoes I have. I think my Frye shoes are the same height. Luckily these shoes run a little big on me even though they are the size I normally wear, so the back didn’t irritate my ankle at all.


Tuesday: Shirt: Yesstyle. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Lems.

I didn’t take a photo Monday because I didn’t get out of my pjs at all the entire day. The husband was sickly Sunday night and proceeded to get worse Monday. I was mildly hung over and it was hot out so neither of us did much other than lounge around. He binge watched Narcos and I binge played Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Today I’m tired and didn’t put much effort into my outfit. The husband is even worse today. He’s got a low grade fever now so he called out of work. I think because I was such a slug yesterday I didn’t sleep well and wasn’t prepared to go back to work today.

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