SnB:VS Epsiode 20 (Spoilers)

I’m really trying to wait until the end of the series, but each episode now is equal parts infuriating and amazing at the same time, but very uneven in their amounts.


Basically the plot of this episode was side-swiped by the ongoing “romance” between King Genocidal Sadboy and Nina. Instead of giving action to a episode where it was much needed to keep the plot moving, the show focused on Charioce essentially “dumping” Nina – and none fucks were given.

The episode started off with our ragtag heroes devising a shitty plan (Rita admitted as much) to steal the bracelet from King Genocidal Sadboy because it controls the hand-puppet-death-star he is trying to regenerate. We all know how these bad plans pan out right? Lots of goofy antics and some action and then a half-failure. Nope, not this time. Instead the show focused on Nina and Charioce dancing again in the ballroom with her looking happy and smiling up at him and he’s….. just fucking deadpan the whole time.

The majority of the episode focused on the ball and Nina’s heartbreak and it was the most annoying part of the whole episode. While she trembled and threw her hands up in the air and demanded answers I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe after 20 episodes this will be the point where she becomes The Protagonist. Oh and all those answers about why the king won’t tell her anything? Oh, uh, those were all lies – or so he says. I think the show has showed enough for the viewers to realize he lied to her about lying to her about when he’d give her proper answers. So of course you get the tiniest hint that he does really give two shits about her since he’s still withholding information, but he’s King Sadboy so we probably won’t get any real Reasons until the very last episode when there will still be none fucks given because I can’t stand either of them now.

If he is in fact a Mr. Darcy in all of this, misunderstood and hiding to protect what he cares about blah blah blah, then this is the fucking worst version of him I’ve seen yet. I think the show is making it a little obvious now that he’s got Issues and Reasons behind what he’s doing, but the show refuses to make him relatable in any manner at all throughout all of it. There is still ZERO evidence of him caring about anything at all or having any kind of legitimate reasons for what he’s done. If the show is trying to be subtle about it, then they’ve also failed because I just don’t get it at all.

If there was any silver lining to yet another dose of here-goes-the-plot… oh-nope-sorry-we-lost-it-again-because-dancing-and-heartbreak-are-more-important, it was this scene:



Azazel, Mugaro/El, Alessand, Jeanne D’arc, and Sophiel all meeting up together made me gasp.

Recap: Jeanne is El’s mother (through immaculate conception of sorts via kiss from the archangel Michael back in SnB Genesis). When the king started his genocidal war on the angels/demons the Onyx Knights were chasing Sophiel (angel), who was saved by Jeanne, but then ended up with the knights finding out about El (half angel super power boy) and chasing Jeanne/El afterwards. Jeanne mutilates her son to protect him, leaving him in a demon slave trading area and tells him someone will come along to help (the most beautifully heart wrenching episode of anime I’ve seen in a long time and by far the best of the whole series). Enter Azazel the freedom fighter. El was in the right place at the right time when Azazel was freeing some demons and boom – Azazel turns into Hot Goth (surrogate) Angel Dad. He gives El the name Mugaro because El’s vocal cords were destroyed and he couldn’t tell him himself. So for a year or so Mugaro has been by Azazel’s side as they try to help enslaved demons and find ways to defeat the king. Jeanne, meanwhile was captured and put in prison below the castle where the king taunted her/tried to get answers about El, who he knew would be a hindrance to his plans. Fast forward to when Azazel, Nina and Kaisar were captured by the king, El also gets captured by the angels looking for him to turn him into their super power to defeat the king. All escape and eventually El and Jeanne have a heartwarming reunion in heaven (one of the better scenes of season 2 – minus Nina’s melodramatic antics). El’s turned into a proper angel and given his full powers and can talk again and brags to his mom about the awesomesauce that saved him: Azazel. Cue Jeanne looking…… upset because you know, there was that whole scene in Genesis where they tried to kill each other because she was the demon slaying weapon of the angels given special powers and he was, well….. Azazel who just killed people because he’s a demon.

Meanwhile, Alessand, who has been nothing more than a petulant, whining doorstop the whole season finally meets his muse and reason for joining the Orleans Knights to begin with: Jeanne The Hot Former Captain of the Orleans Knights. Throughout the show he’s been allowed to air out why he’s disappointed in the knights and not liking his current captain (Kaisar) because he was hoping to be under the command of Jeanne The Hotness. Jeanne was MIA (in prison) by the time Alessand joined the knights and the kid has only seen the reputation of the knights take a nose-dive to shitsville while he’s been among them.

So, one MAJOR backstory and one minor one that’s felt a little pointless until this time coming to a head in a scene that lasted all of ten seconds. How will Mom Jeanne and (Surrogate) Dad Azazel react to each other? I’m not entirely sure Azazel is aware Jeanne is Mugaro’s mom, but it’s possible. More importantly, will Mugaro be able to make them get along or will he take a side? So far, while Mugaro clearly loves mom, he’s decided to leave her for the fight against the king and so paired up with Azazel again. While the reunion scene with Jeanne was beautiful, the reunion scene with Azazel was just as beautiful, showing how much weight Mugaro gives to both.



This show is driving me nuts.

Post credits, shit may get real with Nina having to finally prove herself as a character worthy of being on the show because someone’s actually out to properly kill her this time.

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