Summer 2017 anime viewing update

I’ve dropped a lot since my initial post about the beginning of the season. I’ll exclude SnB:VS from this because I tend to put those in individual posts with long rants. Warning: some spoilers.


Tsuredure Children: There were a couple shows I picked up or forgot to write about initially. I wasn’t too keen on Tsuredure Children at first, but ended up starting it after reading so many rave reviews on it. It’s basically half-episode long vignettes about various couples experiencing love/relationships. The writing is freaking amazing in this show. Sure, most of the characters are standard Japanese tropes you’d find in any old rom com series, but it’s the brutally honest writing in this one that really makes the characters relatable and fun to watch.  I love the tsundere delinquent/student body president couple (I don’t know all their names) because they are the most honest with their relationship. On the flip side of that, something about the dating master blonde haired guy and the girl who falls for him is so out of whack I find it highly amusing. Even though he says he belongs to all the girls he can’t tie himself down to one due to being so popular, I get the feeling he’s much more alone and in (delusional) denial. The conversations he has about being too awesome with vague statements about love and relationships really lets the viewers read between the lines and see that he’s probably being more honest than people realize. It’s only his ridiculously constant posturing that makes people think he’s either weird or up his own ass. When you can find the hidden message beneath all the posing and ridiculousness, there are some real gems and proves how good the writing is holding up in this series.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: Still watching this one. It’s not great, but it’s still highly amusing to me. The switch between Units 1 and 2 is a bit confusing as to how big this show is going to get and if they plan on giving proper character development to ALL of them. However, I do kinda like some of the Unit 1 guys more than 2, but there is some good development going with the captain of Unit 2 as he tries to put meaning into what he’s doing and honestly considering the consequences of their missions. I found his reflection on this juxtaposed with the actions of Unit 1 taking care of the citizens in the aftermath of a mission a nice connection to where the captain may go in the future. Unit 1 has already been down that road of reflection and know they can’t save everyone so they do what they can for the remaining citizens. Unit 2 captain seems to be on the cusp of this realization and his future actions may take a similar route since he clearly beat himself up about the fire that happened after their last mission.

Saiyuki Reload Blast: This is still a blast to watch (hur hur), but I’m a little confused as to what the detour to the past was about. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Heaven episodes tangent. Are the new team reincarnated with the exception of Goku? How is all of this going to tie in to what’s happening now with the other Sanzo priest?

Made in Abyss: I still very much like this show, but I wasn’t too happy with the Ozen episode. I get it, she’s trying to toughen up the kids, but geez what a shit way she went about it. I really like Ozen, but I think they show didn’t really handle her well at first. She’s set up to be a villain at first, but then ends up being more like a stoic, malicious Izumi Curtis (from FMA). I think that extremist version of “tough love” mentors is a bit overrated and I was rolling my eyes by the end of it. In general the show is still keeping my interest.

Hitorijime, My Hero: This has turned into the standard fare BL show, but I do still like it. I think Masahiro’s character is really interesting. You don’t see too many shows where characters deal with their delinquent selves/friends all too often and he’s still struggling to find his self-worth as a person. His home life, regardless of how he brushes it off, is anything but normal so his constant questioning whether or not he’s worthy of the love and attention he gets from Ken and Kousuke is very easy to understand since he’s never had any from the start. Kousuke is the typical tough-love-but-adores-the-cute type of guy, which is ho-hum for this genre. The other characters that give him the push to admit what he wants (Masahiro) make the show interesting, but also throws up red flags due to the student/teacher dynamic. Kousuke isn’t too much older than Masahiro, but the power dynamic between them, which falls quite flatly in the seme/uke roles sexually, makes them rather predictable.

Princess Principal: Still watching this one, but I’m not as invested in it as I thought I would be. The steam-punk-Berlin-wall-in-London plot is inching along very slowly. The characters are decent, but I’m having a hard time envisioning where this is all headed. Are they going to do a standard civil protest of the Commonwealth to break down the wall and end the cold-war antics of both sides?

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life: I still really enjoy this one. I rather liked the episode that contrasted reality in the dorm with life at the yokai house. People really do tend to ignore one another or just want to be left alone and the coldness of realizing the world isn’t always going to be so happy and welcoming was very well done. I think a lot of teens/college students who get out into the real world – away from their homes/friends/college-party-life get this rude awakening when they enter the work force or leave the comforts of home. If you want to keep ties with the people who make you happy, you really have to grasp them yourself, which is what the main dude realized while away from the yokai house. The dude getting the book of pseudo-powerful tarot cards was hilarious and his BFF kinda freaking over it was also amusing, but that particular episode was set up rather meh.

Possibly dropping/ getting very bored of:

Restaurant to Another World – the recipe of the day enchanting a new fantasy creature is getting old.

Knight’s Magic: Haven’t been able to force myself to watch more of this. It’s not bad, but just hasn’t really been on my radar.

Love and Lies: The alien-eyed children in love are starting to bore the crap out of me.

Welcome to the Ballroom: The animation is still pretty. The character designs are still pretty and unique, but I’m just kinda over it. Plot-wise there’s really nothing overly gripping me. I’m also kinda tired of seeing the girls in the show turned into trophies/second raters just because they don’t lead in the dances. It’s getting to be a bit offensive.

Chronos Ruler: I’ve watched 2 episodes of this so far and it’s ok, but hasn’t really stolen my full attention.

Vatican Miracle Examiner: Whut? Episode 4 was a full on historical deus-ex-machina-and-the-kitchen-sink plot twist. By the end of it I thought: what mind fuckery is this?! The episode with Lauren intrigued me because as an atheist I rather liked his snide comments and attitude. And now the show has reset so it can build up the next what-the-shit-just-happened-oh-there’s-the-kitchen-sink-again arc.

Am I even going to bother starting this: 18if

Binged: Owarimonogatari Season 2  – This was a really nice ending to the whole series and all it’s side plots. It was surprisingly coherent all the way through and seemed to bullet point the main parts of the series in a digestible recap for the viewers. The animation I thought was a bit lacking compared to others in the series, but the writing held its own as it always does.

Dropped: Dive, Altair.


Still need to watch: Voltron Season 3 & Fate/Apocrypha (when it’s released)

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