Uniform updated

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Tee: J Crew. Shirt: Everlane. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Lems. Cat: Bento, begging for attention.

Bento has started a habit of coming upstairs to yell at the husband or myself until one of us gives him pets. He’ll sit in the middle of the floor and whine at both of us. His short, sharp meows are what we call his cat profanity. He does those the most right before it’s dinner time when he’s hungry.

I worked from home for the first half of the day since I was waiting on a package I had to sign for. The rest of the day was spent in the office where everyone was acting a little loopy due to the solar eclipse. The HR woman was forbidding people from going outside, but it was only half joking. One of the interns was trying to look up at the sky while driving and kept looking at the sun well before the eclipse even happened. I walked in one of the offices with windows to look out with my sunglasses on – it was completely overcast – and the intern flipped out that I was looking for it. She and I came in to the office around the same time and she asked if I drove through the eclipse, like it was some ordeal.

Me: I didn’t drive through it. It’s an eclipse, not a tsunami.

Her: OMG! I didn’t know when it would start so I kept looking up trying to see!

I was the only one from our office who went outside during the peak time. The clouds came in an hour beforehand so it was mostly overcast by the time 2:45 rolled around. It wasn’t until 3 pm that the heavy clouds gave way and I was able to see the end of the eclipse a little. I didn’t need special glasses because the cloud cover was so thick I was perfectly fine just wearing my sunglasses. The rest of the day was spent listening to crazy stories of people being paranoid and acting ridiculous during an eclipse. Some people actually think animals go nuts (I pulled up home security video footage of my cats sleeping in the living room during the eclipse – animals don’t go crazy), UV rays are more intense (they’re not) and other odd things. It made me wonder if we were still in the 15th century or something. How can people be so ignorant about it when there’s so much more we know now?

A few friends were in Wyoming for the eclipse and took great photos of it where it was much more intense. I was a little jealous of their location, Grand Teton National Park.

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