Shirt: J. Crew. Pants: Fantasy Linen. Shoes: Lems. Hoodie: Target.

I think these photos may be another case of looks-worse-than-it-actually-is outfit because based on the photos – this looks terrible. However, I was extremely comfortable and feel like the lighting or something isn’t doing the pants justice. Or maybe I really need to work on pairing these pants with a top that makes them look a little better. I know the shoes totally throw this off, but I already decided I would wear them today because of the lump I had on my ankle – even while wearing the Allbirds yesterday. I knew these Lems wouldn’t agitate the bump at all so they were going to be part of whatever outfit I threw on this morning. I will admit that I was in a terrible mood yesterday due to how much the Nisolo shoes bothered my ankle on Monday. It’s ridiculously frustrating when I spent so much time being incredibly careful with my ankle just to have all the healing basically destroyed again.


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