Inspirational eye candy

I love going to a site that turns into a rabbit hole where I find more and more inspiring things within it the more I look.

Rachel Comey black welcome dress
Rachel Comey black welcome dress
Rick Owens black guimard jacket
IM pleats stole shirt
ISSEY MIYAKE black pleats stole shirt
Ellery lace up rail road blouse
ELLERY black lace up rail road blouse
IM fluffy pleats pant
ISSEY MIYAKE PLEATS PLEASE black fluffy pleats pants
IM gray flat dyed top
ISSEY MIYAKE 132 5 gray flat dyed top
IM le pain tapered pant
ISSEY MIYAKE black le pain tapered pant
IM stream pleats dress
ISSEY MIYAKE black stream pleats dress
marni blue black trouser
Marni blue black trouser

RC apricot surveillance

yang li double layer jacket
YANG LI black double layer jacket
Ys u-design s1 hood coat
Y’s black u-design s1 hood coat

It’s fun to online window shop at times. Every one of these items and plenty more that I didn’t include here are gorgeous. Even if they don’t fit me in the ways they should, I still just want to see the clothes and touch them and look at their detailing in person. That’s what good design is in fashion, right? Clothes made so beautifully that no matter what one wants the enjoyment of seeing the clothes and appreciating the styling, tailoring, and texture of them – irregardless of whether or not one even likes or would wear the style.

All of this came about just from looking at one item:

black crane eggshell square shirt
Black Crane eggshell square shirt

All items found at Totokaelo.

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