Not for me


Shirt: from Pants: Uniqlo. Shoes: Allbirds. Necklace: Swarovski.

This is a new shirt for me. It’s a linen long sleeve tee and very comfortable. It’s got a bit of a boxy shape, is lightweight, but also kept me comfortable in the chilly AC of the office today.

The lump on my ankle is back. I think the Nisolo shoes are to blame. I may not be wearing those again for a long time until I figure out what’s up with my ankle.

Today I got shoes in the mail that I was really really looking forward to having. I saw them on the Y-3 website maybe 2 years ago, but knew I could never afford them. I think they retailed for over $300 then. I found them again recently on the for a reasonable price and jumped on it. I loved opening the package, which was a bright orange box with the Y-3 logo. The shoes came with a shoe bag even extra shoe laces, nicely packaged in a little pouch. They only had Italian sizes on the site, so I went with a small because 38 IT = 8 US and that’s my size. Nope. Way too small. I could’ve easily decided to return them to get the medium size, which I know is in stock, but something about the shoes made me hesitate. They are beautiful and well made and the detailing in them was gorgeous, but there was something about them that made me think they were’t the most practical shoes – even for casual wear. I know they are meant to be high-end fashion casual wear. However, there was a part in the middle bottom that I could tell was going to get so dirty so fast and be ruined quickly with the way I beat up shoes. So with a very heavy sigh I just decided to return them and not exchange for the bigger size.  I let my practicality win over me, but I don’t know if that’s a plus or not. Am I really that afraid to embrace something different and challenge myself stylistically because I question myself too much? Am I putting myself down? Part of me thinks maybe I really am plain vanilla. I don’t know yet and I sorta still want to call and change my return for an exchange – no, I’ll wait. I know I can get the medium size later, so I’ll wait a while and see how I feel.

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