Wearing emotions


Monday: I didn’t sleep well and was exhausted that day. On top of that, my ankle was bothering me again, which made me have an awful day and emotional breakdown.
This photo was taken after I’d been crying on the bed and had already taken off my shoes. I just slip-on them (the backs are folded down) for the photo and my shirt is covered in cat hair. I just DGAF that day.
Shirt: J-crew linen pocket tee. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: TOMS.


Tuesday: Wasn’t as grumpy and sorta made an attempt to look a little nicer. For some reason my boobs look quite prominent in this tank.
Shirt: Grana tank. Pants: Grana. Shoes: Madden Girl. Cardigan: Land’s End. Necklace: gift. Cat: Yuki, deliberately put there by my husband, who felt I needed an “accessory”. He took a few photos before getting this one. It was rather amusing and Yuki was confused.

Looking at these photos I think sorta reflects my mood. I just didn’t care much. I didn’t tuck in the shirts at all when it may have helped the looks. I know that Monday’s look is my “uniform” but something about it feels off. Maybe because I felt so off and upset. When I’m emotionally wrecked I try to actually wear nice outfits to prop myself up, but it doesn’t always work that way. Some days I really am just a mess.

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