Linen pants

Tuesday afternoon my order from Fantasy Linen arrived. I ordered these linen pants and a linen shirt almost a month ago. Although the site says orders start shipping in 5 business days I ended waiting a solid 2 weeks before even getting a shipping notice. I was almost ready to email them to find out what the heck was going on. I was prepared to wait 2 weeks for shipping, but to wait 2 weeks to even get the shipping notice and then wait even longer for the shipping? Ugh. The pants are really nice though and extremely comfortable. I like how baggy they are and they are more drop-crotch than I thought, but I’m fine with that. The shirt is a different story though – I’m not pleased with it but I’ll wait and post that another day.

Shirt: Grana tank. Pants: Fantasy Linen. Shoes: Madden Girl. Cardigan: Land’s End. Necklace: Swarovski.

Nisolo shoes

oliver oxfords (1)

I wore the linen pants again today. I like the boxy Everlane shirt with it and I like the crinkly texture of the linen pants with the slightly wrinkled cotton shirt. It was pouring rain when I left work so I got wet and used the shirt to wipe my glasses, so it’s a bit more wrinkly now that it was most of the day.

I almost decided to wear my canvas TOMS, but realized I was being chicken about wearing my new Nisolo shoes I’d received a week ago. They were very toe-pinching when I got them, so I’ve spent the past week stuffing them as tightly as I could with newspaper to stretch out the leather and it worked nicely. My toes had a bit more room. The ankles cut into my heel a little, but that’s to be expected with new leather shoes. It wasn’t bad enough that I needed band-aids though. I didn’t get any blisters.

I’d been wanting a pair of nice oxfords for a while. I liked the ones on Everlane, but after trying on a pair of their street shoes I knew there was no way I could wear the oxfords. The toes are all pointy and super tight and uncomfortable. Everlane even now states the shoes run small and to size up. I’d ordered a half size larger for the street shoes and still couldn’t stand them, so the thought of trying to break in leather shoes of a similar slim style was a fat NOPE for me. I’m not a fan of pointy shoes anyway. I have hobbit-like toes, so I prefer a rounded look that allows my toes to have room. Nisolo has two different kinds of oxfords and one was pointed with a thicker heel. Those look ok, but as soon as I saw the rounded Oliver oxford with low heels I knew I’d get them – eventually. They were on sale the first time I saw them, and thought maybe I’ll wait until my birthday next month. A week later I looked at the shoes again and they were on sale even further so I decided to get them.

Shirt: Everlane. Pants: Fantasy Linen. Shoes: Nisolo. Necklace: old.

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