Just today


Shirt: Everlane. Pants: Brass Clothing. Shoes: Allbirds.

“Your outfit looks really good today.” An intern said this to me while getting coffee in the kitchen. At first, my inner snark wanted to reply, just today? but I decided to shrug it off and said, “I just threw it on this morning.”  She said whenever she threw on clothes in the morning she never looks half as put together as I do. I just smiled at the compliment.

Later on I came across articles on different sites about how people can have multiple selves when it comes to fashion. Each day is different so we present a different side of ourselves and that’s reflected in how we dress. A person can be coherent with their wardrobe (uniforms or same structure styles in outfits) or near schizophrenic, exhibiting a variety of styles and silhouettes. I used to think I wanted to be a uniform type of person, but now I’m not so sure. But this got me thinking about the intern’s comment. She didn’t mean it negatively in any way I’m sure, but rather, something about my outfit today  resonated with her.

My outfits yesterday and today are generally the same. I’m wearing a striped shirt and black pants with slip-on shoes. However, the styles of the clothing differ. Today’s shirt is a button-down and the stripes are vertical instead of horizontal. Although not entirely fitted, the shirt is also more structured than yesterday’s. The pants today are form-fitting and closer to the norm for most black pants women wear. The pants yesterday were structural, but in a slightly more formal fashion and they were large in the legs, which is not normally seen. I almost wore my TOMS again, but changed to the Allbirds because I felt wearing the TOMS would be too boring. Honestly, I prefer yesterday’s look to today’s.

I talked to the husband about my tendonitis woes and how either I can wear the moon boot again, or see how well this brace works out. I also might get a different brace for wearing to bed. He suggested I just wear this one and so I thought about how I could do so comfortably. Yesterday I wore my soft brace without any socks and realized it was far too itchy. The company recommends wearing socks under the brace and I’m guessing comfort is a big reason for that. However, it would irritate me to sleep with just one foot covered in a sock and I generally don’t like wearing socks to bed.

What I needed was a sock-let type of thing. I don’t have many long socks, but my husband has half a drawer full and he’s still got some that have never been worn even though he got them 3 years ago. I asked to have a pair of his socks and I wouldn’t be able to return them because I needed to cut them. He gave me a pair and I cut off the very ends so the socks fit on the areas I need them to while wearing the brace. Also, since the socks were long, I could fold them over the brace, which would make it more comfortable to wear at night (I’m a side sleeper).


This is the sock-let experiment result. The top part of the sock is completely folded over the velcro bits of the brace so I have sock covering the inside and outside scratchy parts.

I didn’t sleep as well last night as normal because I was aware of the brace most of the night, but I think I could get used to it. What surprised me was how comfortable I was today while wearing this. The ponte pants were stretchy enough to fit over the brace and even cover up the sock parts so it didn’t look weird. I highly doubt anyone even noticed I was wearing a brace.

I’d read that wearing a brace at night to keep the foot from flexing too much would help in addition to wearing a brace during the day, so I’m trying this out for a while. And by a while, I mean probably a few months. I did notice yesterday that my bump, which wasn’t huge to begin with, is already decreasing in size.

I. Will. Beat. This. Mother. Fucking. Tendonitis.

Achilles Tendonitis is annoying


Shirt: Yesstyle. Pants: Everlane E2 Wide-leg Crop. Shoes: TOMS.

I originally had on a sleeveless shirt, but then changed into my linen long sleeve and I’m glad I did. I was freezing the office this morning. It was 57F when I left the house this morning. It feels strange with the weather being this cool this early.

I don’t have anything poetic or exciting to say about this outfit. I like it and was completely comfortable. I did notice a string from the bottom hem of the pants midway throughout the day and had to cut it off or it would unravel the entire end. Considering I’ve not worn these pants all that much and I don’t do anything other that sit or walk in the office in them, I’m a bit disappointed.

I know the title of this post has nothing to do with outfits, but I spent half of my day researching Achilles tendonitis problems and the issues with recovery. Apparently, it’s not nearly as easy to get over as my so-called specialist said it would be. I mean, I’ve been in the boot twice already and I’m still having issues. So I watched a lot of videos and read a lot about the complications of recurring or chronic tendonitis problems. It takes a really long time to heal properly. Many accounts I read on message boards were of people dealing with it for multiple years…. great. There’s also different kinds. The easier one to get over is midpoint tendonitis and the harder one to get over, which is the one I have, insertional tendonitis is lower on the heel and can form calcified lumps or bursa lumps on the back of the heel. Oh hey, guess what – I have a lump. It’s not huge. It’s actually very small so technically I shouldn’t need surgery.  I may, however, have to get back in the boot for a much longer period of time. FML.

I’ll try a few other things first and see how well this brace I’m wearing helps me out before I give up and break out the moon boot again.

High Rocks

Sunday I went hiking with friends. There are several good state parks close to where we live. This one, High Rocks, is famous for lots of cliff faces people climb. When we arrived, two other guys with lots of climbing gear were getting ready in the parking lot. Some of the rocks also have climbers clips hammered in to them from the park service for people to use so they can get up the cliffs safely.

the gang
The gang. My husband is in the blue shirt. 
Fenced in path along the cliffside. 


We hiked up and down those rocks on the left. That’s part of the trail. 
Ellie’s first hiking trip. She slept through most of it.

flowerstreesbecca and meglindstexturestream

Frog photo by husband. He always searches for frogs on hikes.


There’s a famous guy who lives either in the park borders or just next to it and can walk right into it. He’s generally known as Naked Man because he tends to just run around the park buck naked. Several years ago we talked to him on a hike. He wasn’t naked then, but he was fun to talk to. I don’t remember, but my friend in the yellow shirt in these photos said apparently I got into a heated discussion about cameras with Naked Man. I’d totally forgotten about it and laughed about it because I really don’t take too many photos anymore, so I’m the last person who should be judgmental about cameras.

We had perfect hiking weather and afterwards went out for ice cream at a local dairy farm. We can walk to the back of the store and see the farm itself and the cows that provide the milk for the treats we were eating.

Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto


Shirt: 45rpm. Pants: Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi.

“You look cute today” was the first thing my husband said when I came home from work. This made me incredibly happy because I felt good wearing this outfit. It was raining all day and the temperature is about 30 degrees cooler than usual for this time of year, so I felt like wearing warmer clothes and boots.

Both of these items are new and from the packages I received last week. I’m incredibly happy to have clothes from 45rpm. I always admired their indigo dyed collections and the quality really shows, even in something as simple as this long sleeve shirt. The cotton is thick and feels substantial. I love the three line stitches at the collar, sleeves and bottom. The top part has a button I can undo if I wanted to, but I prefer the keyhole look. I will have to undo it to get the shirt off though. It is indigo dyed and there’s a tag in the shirt that mentions how the color may change over time with several washings and to only wash it with like colors. I washed it when I got it in cold water with other navy and dark blue clothes I had.

The pants I was afraid of buying, but so glad I decided to do it. I got them from the ROSEN store, which is run by Gracia Ventus. I’ve been a follower of her blog for a while and really excited to see how her store has grown so much over the years. She specializes in avant-garde clothing and has even branched out into her own designs, which I’m loving quite a bit. There were another pair of Yohji pants in her store I’d been wanting, but waited too long and someone else got them before me. So I looked at the ones next on my list from her store that I liked and noticed they were listed as XS. I’ve never worn Japanese clothes so I wasn’t sure where I fell in with their system. Generally I think I’m a size 1 in tops and maybe dresses, but then a size 2 in pants and skirts based on the measurements. I was conflicted about an XS because I think that equates to a US size 2, but could also be 0 – neither of which would work for me. I emailed her asking about the pants and she assured me I could fit them, but I might have to really extend the side buckles (or maybe not even use them at all). She even sent me a detailed photo of the buckle in question so I could get a better idea of what I’d be working with. I decided to pull the trigger on them and bought the pants plus a Yohji skirt (I’m going to wear to a wedding this weekend).

I am glad I wrote to her and bought the pants. They fit even better than the skirt and I thought the skirt would be the easy item out of the two. I can actually use the buckles on both sides – just. There is a tiny bit of the tab at the end and I’m ok with that. They fit as snug on my waist as the Everlane E2 pants. I’ve got just a teensy bit of wiggle room, but they aren’t too tight, even after eating. I love the big, draping pleats up front, the baggy legs, and how they taper down at the ankles. So very 80s. They do hike up a little when I sit, but I’m not bothered by it.


I ironed these a little the same night I ironed the Ys shirt I talked about yesterday. You really do notice a lot of things about the design of clothing when you iron them. The ends of the pants have the teeniest curve in them where the stitches meet on the inside seam and both legs are perfect stitched that way. Those tiny details make me sigh and give me all the more reason to love these clothes.


These boots are barefoot style, meaning they roll up and flex easily and feel almost like moccasins. That’s how much ground feel I get with them. I wore them religiously last winter. There’s shearling on the inside to make them warm. I won’t say they are perfectly warm (regardless of what the company says) because my feet did get cold when I was tromping through snow last winter in them, but with wool socks or walking around a lot my feet were fine. I do have a small brace on my left ankle to give that leg more stability as I deal with tendonitis, so the boot on that foot looks a little weird and so will other shoes I’ll be wearing while using the brace.

I wore these boots on Sunday for a hiking trip I took with some friends and even though I felt the rocks under my feet I was still perfectly comfortable in them. I may be wearing these a lot again this year as well. They seem to be a go-to for me.

PSA – Newbies to barefoot shoes beware: you have to build up a tolerance for this sort of thing to be able to hike much in this style of shoe. I’ve been wearing barefoot styles for a few years now so my feet aren’t as sore, nor are my joints or back after walking/hiking for a few hours in them. I like wearing these styles of shoes despite the limited amount of styles available in them. I rather have comfortable feet than painful feet in tight shoes.



“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me’.” – Yohji Yamamoto

I’ve read a lot of interviews with Yamamoto-san and there are lots of famous quotes by him about fashion and style. His quote about the color black is one of his most famous. There is another I read somewhere about him always looking for a new kind of black. In looking at my own wardrobe, I can see why he’d look for it – there are many shades and hues of black.

I was going to write a different title to this post, but after ironing out my new clothes last night, kuro, which means black in Japanese, was the only one that fits.

Last week I mentioned I got a couple packages and in them were my first items by Yohji Yamamoto. I can’t afford his newest creations and can’t even really afford anything on sale by him either, but some not-as-expensive vintage items and used items are in my affordable range.


One of the items is the shirt I’m wearing today. While ironing the shirt last night I noticed all the details that went in to making it. The collar has elongated points for dramatic flair, but also a slightly more than usual curve at the back to lay perfectly flat when curved around the neck. That slight camel-hump kind of curve is something I’ve not seen in any other collared shirt I have and when I compared it to others, I was thoroughly impressed with how well it lay when worn. Although the buttons are large for this kind of shirt and there’s a larger than usual gap in between them, the shirt still lays flat and doesn’t bulge out in between buttons. The slits at the side ended up being much higher on me than I thought when ironing the shirt, but I like the difference when looking at it from the side while wearing it today. I love the detailed darts on the back of the shirt and the slightly puffed front pleats below the shoulders. Despite the darts, which tend to make a shirt constrict more, there’s enough pleating to still make moving around in the shirt completely comfortable. There’s also the color. In some light, the black could take on a sheen, but then also look matte. It’s a perfect black and I’ve never had any shirt look this black before, which makes it very beautiful and exciting to wear. It makes me think this is what the title to one of my favorite anime means: Darker Than Black. This is that color. Yamamoto-san knows his black. The fabric is also nice. It’s a blend of linen and rayon, which makes it slightly stiff, but still rather soft and very smooth to the touch. It does wrinkle, but those wrinkles look like added details.


I’m sure Yohji-sama would say – it’s just a shirt! – and he would be right. It is just a shirt, but I’ve never had a shirt this nice before made by a designer I admire and that makes it extra special to me. I appreciate all the detail and work that went in to making it. I already want to wear it with different bottoms for the rest of the week. I want to own more clothing with this attention to detail and artistry. This is what makes clothes fun to wear and makes me want to preserve them and keep them forever.

Many fashion blogs I follow focus on sustainable and ethical clothing choices. Some of them might even be offended that I referred to them as fashion blogs – I think the term is influencer sites? I guess because they influence lots of other people to buy and wear the same clothes from the same sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers or whatever it is they are promoting. I still don’t get it, but that’s the only way I can explain it. If there’s a better definition then feel free to correct me. I don’t wish to offend any of them.

But that’s just it – these influencer bloggers all wear the same clothes, just in slightly different ways. Reading one or two of them is fine, but after that… you’ve seen them all. I was very much on that train for a while, wanting to wear the same things they did because they promoted sustainable and ethical means, etc… There’s nothing wrong with that – other than I got bored because I’m tired of seeing the same thing so many times.  I found it kinda ironic that the same thing happens with fast fashion as well, but those clothes get rotated out faster because they fall apart more easily or because something new is in. I do follow some influencer sites, but I’m actually more interested in the other tidbits they have to say. I’m more interested in them as people and find them interesting. Sure, I’ll end up finding out about some good deals on Everlane or Garmentory or wherever as a result, which is always a perk. Finding good staples is never a bad thing.

But now, I think I’ve found my way of being a more conscientious shopper. I’m more interested in the designers/ clothing brands I enjoy and realized there’s a lot of it available that’s used or pre-owned. These are limited items that have been worn or tucked away and need a new home and I’m searching for them to add to my home. Sure, I could buy some more wide-leg pants from Everlane, but I could also wait until I find a pair of wide-leg pants from Yohji Yamamoto, 45rpm, Kapital, Comme de Garcons, or other designers that may be in the same price range if I look enough through ebay, poshmark, or discounters.

There’s an excitement to owning something you really desire from a designer or artist. It’s about appreciating their craft. While I applaud Everlane and companies like it that work towards ethical fashion, I still don’t feel the clothing is as precious to me because they will still make many more runs of the same clothes over and over again. Sometimes the styles are phased out, but there isn’t as much novelty to them, especially since so many other companies like them are doing the same thing. Also, I don’t feel there is the same sort of attention to detail with the clothing. This is not to downplay the importance of these companies. I’d rather see people buy from them than Walmart or Target or other fast fashion types of places. However, why would I want to spend $200 on pants from Elizabeth Suzann that I know every other blogger I follow wears when I could buy some vintage Y’s pants around the same price instead that make me really happy?

This isn’t to say I’m not going to buy from those companies anymore. I prefer to put more effort now into waiting and finding the clothes from the designers I desire and if I need items to supplement that wardrobe, then yes, I’ll happily spend the money on more ethical clothing retailers.

Who knew one shirt could create such a long, rambling blog post? This is probably two or three different topics’ worth of information, but I’m not too good at being succinct.


Shirt: Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto. Jeans: Grana. Shoes: Nisolo.