Shirt: Everlane. Pants: Brass Clothing. Shoes: Allbirds. "Your outfit looks really good today." An intern said this to me while getting coffee in the kitchen. At first, my inner snark wanted to reply, just today? but I decided to shrug it off and said, "I just threw it on this morning."  She said whenever she... Continue Reading →

Shirt: Yesstyle. Pants: Everlane E2 Wide-leg Crop. Shoes: TOMS. I originally had on a sleeveless shirt, but then changed into my linen long sleeve and I'm glad I did. I was freezing the office this morning. It was 57F when I left the house this morning. It feels strange with the weather being this cool... Continue Reading →

High Rocks

Sunday I went hiking with friends. There are several good state parks close to where we live. This one, High Rocks, is famous for lots of cliff faces people climb. When we arrived, two other guys with lots of climbing gear were getting ready in the parking lot. Some of the rocks also have climbers... Continue Reading →

Shirt: 45rpm. Pants: Y's by Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes: Vivobarefoot Gobi. "You look cute today" was the first thing my husband said when I came home from work. This made me incredibly happy because I felt good wearing this outfit. It was raining all day and the temperature is about 30 degrees cooler than usual for... Continue Reading →

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: 'I don’t bother you - don’t bother me'.” - Yohji Yamamoto I've read a lot of interviews with Yamamoto-san and there are lots of famous quotes by him about fashion and style.... Continue Reading →

Anime: Favorite Male characters

After reading some anime review blogs I was thinking about what makes me like certain characters and not others. I clearly have a "type" and can be biased towards it. So I'm going to spell it out here - literally. I won't do show synopsis but assume most readers have heard of/ seen/ know what... Continue Reading →

SnB:VS Epsiode 20 (Spoilers)

I'm really trying to wait until the end of the series, but each episode now is equal parts infuriating and amazing at the same time, but very uneven in their amounts. SPOILERS: Basically the plot of this episode was side-swiped by the ongoing "romance" between King Genocidal Sadboy and Nina. Instead of giving action to... Continue Reading →

Shirt: Fantasy Linen. Skirt and duster: Yesstyle. Shoes: TOMS. This outfit make me look much longer than I am, but I'll take it. The shirt is horribly wrinkled, but, you know - linen. That's what happens when you wear it. The weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend so the hubs and I plan... Continue Reading →

Tee: J Crew. Pants: Everlane. Shoes: TOMS. Cardigan: Land's End. I'll admit my outfit today was inspired by a photo I saw of Yohji Yamamoto wearing a tee with wool pants that I think he designed. It was a comfortable looking mix of rather formal looking pants with pleats that draped nicely and a rumpled... Continue Reading →

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